Campus Collaborative Action (CCA) Grants

BCSGA Campus Collaborative Action (CCA) Grants are available to any Bakersfield College affiliated department, service, or office (BC Agency) for programmatic assistance that enhances the overall quality of student life on campus. CCA Grants should be used to boost the overall educational experience of students through the development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, governance, leadership, group development, campus and community service, and informational programs and activities. BCSGA continually accepts CCA Grant submissions until funds are exhausted.

These allocations for these grants are funded through the purchases of the BCSGA/KVC Student Services Sticker Program. Grants are contingent on the availability of students purchasing the BCSGA/KVC Student Services Sticker program at the time of registration.

CCA Grant Files:

After submitting your CCA Grant, email to schedule your presentation to the BCSGA Department of Student Activities.