Modern Energy Certificate of Completion

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Learn how you can be a part of creating a clean, modern, and thriving California.

This TUITION FREE certificate will introduce you to carbon neutrality, capture and storage, data analysis, and renewable energy. Three classes are required:

  • Carbon Capture & Storage (ENER B52NC)
  • Energy Data Analysis (ENER B53NC)
  • Sustainable Energy ENER B54NC

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Energy Data Analysis

Industry related skills in analyzing energy-related data with spreadsheets.

Offered this semester: 1/14/23 - 3/9/23
Time TBA
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This course will utilize spreadsheets to interpret data available from public sources such as the National Renewable Energy Lab's Open Energy Data Initiative (OEDI). Prior knowledge of spreadsheets is recommended. Will be offered the 1st 8-week session of Spring 2023, 1/14/23 - 3/9/23, 36 hours

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Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon neutrality and capture technologies

Offered this semester: 3/13/23 - 5/12/23
Tuesday and Thursdays 5:30 PM-7:35 PM
BC Southwest Campus
CRN: 74455

The topics include acidification of the ocean, global implications of excess CO2, modeling carbon capture & storage in Kern County, and carbon neutrality. The course will also explore emerging career opportunities in this field. Will be offered the 2nd 8-week session of Spring 2023, 3/13/23 - 5/12/23, 36 hours

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FALL 2023

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Sustainable Energy

Renewable sources of energy, concepts, and technologies.

In this course, you will learn about sustainable energy options that are relevant for Kern County. We will explore potential sources such as bioenergy, wind, solar, and even nuclear and learn how to quantify each one's potential impact. Options for integrating these energy sources will also be explored. 8-week session, Fall 2023, 36 hours

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Valley Strong Energy Institute

Bakersfield College and Kern Community College District have begun forging energy partnerships with research institutions, industry, and community organizations with the goal of synergistically paving the way for the coming transformation in energy.

Educational Goals

This includes informal information through virtual webinars and live seminars; adult and continuing education in terms of short courses that are free or low cost to the public; and academic routes that can lead to professions in the new energy economy. Currently, BC is hosting monthly seminars during the academic year. The Modern Energy Certificate of Completion is one of the sets of non-credit courses aimed at adult learners.

Learn more about the Valley Strong Energy Institute