Vocational Nursing Program Brochure


The study of nursing is the application of knowledge from the arts and sciences. The purpose of the Bakersfield College (BC) Vocational Nursing (VN) Program is to provide the foundation for students to become competent Vocational Nurses. The VN faculty respects the individuality of students and recognizes each student has unique educational, experiential, cultural, spiritual, economic, social background, and unique support systems. The goal of the Program is to provide a positive, innovative learning model which fosters the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, such that the graduate vocational nurse is equipped to provide compassionate and coordinated care to a culturally diverse population in various healthcare settings.


The mission of the BC VN Program is to prepare entry-level vocational nurses as providers of care across the health/illness continuum and as members of the profession.


MEDS B37(Medical Terminology, formerly MEDS B60) - highly recommended.


All pre-requisites must be completed at the time the application is submitted, and students must have earned a “C” grade or higher at BC, or an equivalent course at another accredited college.

  • BIOL B18 (Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology) or completion of both BIOL B32 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I) and BIOL B33 (Human Anatomy & Physiology II)
  • PSYC B1A (General Psychology)
  • Completion of MATH B27 or TECM B40 or equivalent/higher level coursework (completion of MATH B60/B70/B72/B75 will be accepted)
  • Eligibility for ENGL B1A (Expository Composition) or completion of ENGL B50 or EMLS B50
  • A current copy of a CA issued Nurse Assistant Certificate showing active status
  • Proof of graduation from high school via high school transcript or an equivalent education in the United States (GED) or (CHSPE).



All application forms and transcripts must be received in the Allied Health office, Math and Science building Room 178 during the month of FEBRUARY. Applications received prior to, or after the application period will not be accepted.

  • Applications must be accompanied by an official or unofficial BC transcript. (All coursework must be on transcript.)
  • Transcripts from other colleges/universities needing evaluation for this period must be submitted to the BC Admissions & Records office no later than December 1st along with a Request for Evaluation form. This form can be obtained in the Admissions & Records office.
  • Please note, the BC Admissions & Records office will need a minimum of 12 weeks to complete the evaluation process.



  1. Read ALL instructions in their entirety before completing the application.
  2. It is the applicant's responsibility to complete ALL application requirements/procedures. FAILURE TO MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL RESULT IN AN INCOMPLETE APPLICATION AND WILL, THEREFORE, NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SELECTION.
  3. Submit your VN Application and supporting documents no later than the last day of the month of February.
    • Access the VN Application online
    • Print and complete ALL sections. The application must be legible.
    • Submit Vocational Nursing Program Application AND either an unofficial or official Bakersfield College transcript showing all prerequisite courses posted. ALL applicants must submit.
    • Provide proof of 12th grade education by submitting one of the following:
      • Proof of graduation reflected on high school transcript or equivalent education in the United States (GED) or (CHSPE).
      • Foreign high school evaluated by an accepted agency in the United States.
      • Proof of completion of Associate or Baccalaureate Degree in the United States.
    • Submit a copy of a current CA issued Nurse Assistant Certification showing active status. (May be current printout from CA Department of Public Health website)

If you have taken courses from any college other than Bakersfield College:

  • Apply for Admission to BC either in person at the Admissions & Records office or apply on-line.
  • Order an official copy of your transcripts from your previous college(s);
  • Submit the official copy of your transcripts along with a Request for Evaluation form to the Admissions & Records office.
  • The Request for Evaluation form can also be obtained from the Admissions & Records office.
  • If you have taken courses from Porterville College or Cerro Coso Community College you do not need to submit official copies of transcripts for evaluation to the BC Admissions & Records office, but rather you ONLY need to submit the Request for Evaluation form to the BC Admissions & Record Office so they can convert the coursework to BC equivalent courses.
  • Once your transcripts have been evaluated and posted to your BC transcripts, either order an official copy from the Admission & Records, OR print your unofficial BC transcript, AND submit along with the Application Form and supporting documentation to the Allied Health Office (MS-178) during the month of February.
  • Please note, it takes a minimum of 12 weeks for transcripts to be evaluated by BC's Admissions & Records Office, and this evaluation must be completed PRIOR to the end of the application period. Transcripts from other colleges/universities needing evaluation for the February application must be submitted to the BC Admissions & Records Office along with the Request for Evaluation no later than December 1st to be considered.

*Upper division course work will not be posted on a BC transcript, therefore the student must meet with the BC Department Chair of the appropriate course and discuss the possibility of accepting that upper division course as a BC equivalent course. Allow time for review given program deadlines.


The program currently holds a waitlist due to the number of qualified students exceeding the space available. The following selection process will be utilized:

  1. Students who are qualified for enrollment will enter in the order in which their names appear on the Program Waitlist.
  2. To be placed onto the waitlist, all program prerequisites must be completed. An applicant's position on this list will be determined by random drawing of names from the pool of qualified students.
  3. To remain current on the waitlist, an application form must be submitted annually during the application filing period in the month of February.



Bakersfield College nursing faculty have the responsibility to education and prepare students to become competent nurses who safely care for their patients and families using critical judgment, broadly based knowledge, and refined technical skills. Individuals interested in applying for admission to the programs should review the Essential Technical Standards to develop a better understanding of the skills, abilities and behavioral characteristics required to successfully progress in, and graduate from our programs. To be qualified for the BC VN program, individuals must be able to meet Essential Technical Standards, with or without reasonable accommodations.

For further information regarding services and resources to students with disabilities and/or to request accommodations please contact the Disabled Student Programs & Services located in the Center for Student Success (CSS) Building, 1st floor, CSS 10 ((661)395-4334).

Requirements Standards Examples Student's Initials
Mobility Physical ability, flexibility, strength, and stamina
  • Various abilities for long periods of time, including: standing, walking, bending, flexing, twisting, kneeling, reaching over head above shoulders
  • Pushing, pulling lifting and carrying a minimum of 35 pounds
  • Assist patients with repositioning, transfers, and/or transport
  • Move quickly to respond to emergencies
Motor Skills Coordination and dexterity Gross and fine motor skills sufficient to perform patient care and procedures such as manipulate medical equipment and accessories, knobs, buttons, computers and keyboards -
Visual Use of sight Visual skills, depth perception, color identification necessary to perform assessments, including signs and symptoms; read body/facial expressions; read and interpret written word -
Hearing Use of auditory sense Ability to hear and interpret environmental noises, including verbal orders, equipment and fire alarms, cries for help, elements of physical assessment -
Tactile Use of touch Ability to sense heat, cold, pain and pressure -
Communication Use the English language effectively by means of speech, reading and writing. Demonstrate sensitive and effective interactions with patients, families and health care team
  • Accurately elicit, interpret and convey medical and other info using verbal, nonverbal, written, assisted (TTY) and/or electronic devices
  • Effectively communicate with individuals and teams
  • Determine a deeper meaning or significance in what is being expressed
  • Connect with others to sense and stimulate reactions
Acquire Knowledge Ability to possess clinical inquiry, seek resources of knowledge, and become a lifelong learner
  • Demonstrate curiosity while learning
  • Acquire, conceptualize and use evidence-based information
  • Develop solutions and responses beyond memorization
Clinical Judgment Ability to critical think, problem solve and make decisions
Intellectual and conceptual abilities
  • Accomplish, direct, and interpret assessment of persons, families and/or communities
  • Develop, implement and evaluate plans of care or direct the development, implementation and evaluation of care
Professional Attitude Demonstrate concern for others, integrity, ethical conduct, interest, motivation and accountability Acquire interpersonal skills for professional interactions and diverse individuals, families and health care teams Emotional and mental stability
  • Maintain effective, mature and sensitive relationships with clients/patients, students, faculty, staff and other professionals under all circumstances
  • Function effectively under stress and adapt to changing environments
  • Operate in different cultural settings
  • Work productively, drive engagement and demonstrate presence as a member of a team


A physical examination completed by Healthcare Provider of the student's choice is required upon entering the Program. This is to demonstrate that a student is in good physical and mental health and meets the Essential Technical Standards necessary to meet the Program objectives. Appropriate immunizations and/or vaccinations are also required, and are performed at the student's expense.


As a condition of application in any Nursing Program with a clinical laboratory component, students are required to submit to, and pass a designated drug and alcohol screening at the student's expense. *Although the State of California has legalized cannabis use, it is still illegal under federal law


As a condition of enrollment into any Nursing Program with a clinical laboratory component, students are required to complete and submit a background check, at the student's expense.

Please note the following:

  • A history of felony conviction(s) or any bar, exclusion or other ineligibility for federal program participation could render a student ineligible for clinical placement, as determined by the clinical agencies.
  • If students are unable to attend clinic due to background restrictions, then the student's seat will be forfeited as they will not be able to meet Program / Course Objectives.


Students are required to show proof of a valid American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) card. This BLS card must be valid at all times.
*This requirement can be fulfilled by completion of MEDS B52.


Students will be required to purchase uniforms, textbooks and selected equipment, provide transportation to off-campus clinical education sites and pay current college fees. Review the website for information on the Estimated Program Cost.


The California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians accredits the BC VN Program. Bakersfield College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACCJC). The ACCJC is one of the six regional accrediting bodies recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


Conviction of any offenses, including traffic violations (with a fine over $1000) must be reported to the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians at the time of application for licensure. For clarification contact the VN Program Director or the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205, Sacramento, California, 95833, (916) 263-7800. Board of Vocational Nursing-Enforcement Division


In accordance with the requirements of the Civil Rights Act, Bakersfield College provides services and benefits to students regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, marital status, medical condition or disability. The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to administration and participation in vocational education programs. (Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.)


Students in the Vocational Nursing Program will complete 576 Theory hours and 972 Clinical hours. The course sequence is listed in the table below.

First Semester
Course ID# Course Name Units
VNRS B67 Principles of Pharmacology 2
VNRS B68 Basic Medical Surgical Nursing 3
VNRS B69 Foundations for Vocational Nursing Practice 3
VNRS B69L Foundations for Vocational Nursing Practice - Lab 6
Total Semester Units 14
Second Semester
Course ID# Course Name Units
VNRS B79 Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing 9
VNRS B79L Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing - Lab 6
Total Semester Units 15
Third Semester
Course ID# Course Name Units
VNRS B83 Critical Thinking and Leadership for the Vocational Nurse 1.5
VNRS B84 Maternal/Child Pharmacology 1
VNRS B88 Maternal /Child Nursing 3
VNRS B88L Maternal/Child Nursing - Lab 3
VNRS B89 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing 3.5
VNRS B89L Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing - Lab 3.0
Total Semester Units 15
Total Program Units 44


Students who desire to transfer from another nursing program into our BC nursing program must meet with the Program Director and Nursing Educational Advisor to ensure course/program alignment, and be in good standing from their previous nursing program. Good standing is defined as a student who was not on academic or clinical probation, and who is eligible for re-entry into their previous program. An original letter stating standing in previous program is required by previous Program Director on school letterhead. A transfer approval is still contingent on an available seat in the program that student is intending on transferring into.

NOTE: For those students interested in continuing their education and becoming a Registered Nurse, please refer to the prerequisites required for the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program and meet with your Health Science Advisor/Counselor.