Vocational Nursing Application


Applications will be accepted in the month of February. Feburary 1-February 28. Submit in person to MS-178 (Math/Science Building Allied Health Wing, Room 178, Second Floor) or mail to the address listed on the application.   Student enrollment for Fall start is dependent upon clinical availability.


All prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of the Program with a “C” grade or higher.  Priority is provided to students with all prerequisite courses completed at the time of submitting an application form.

  • BIOL B18 (Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology) or completion of both BIOL B32 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I) and BIOL B33 (Human Anatomy & Physiology II)
  • PSYC B1A (General Psychology)
  • Completion of MATH B27 or TECM B40 or higher level of Math placement (prior completion of MATH BD/B60/B70/B75/B72 will be accepted)
  • ENGL B1A (Expository Composition) (prior completion of ENGL B50 will be accepted)
  • A copy of a current Nurse Assistant Certificate showing active status.
  • Proof of graduation from high school or an equivalent education in the United States (GED) or (CHSPE).


  • MEDS B37 (Medical Terminology) previously MEDS B60 - highly recommended prior to completing biology course(s).

Note:  Students desiring to continue their education and become a registered nurse need to refer to the prerequisites required for the Associate Degree Nursing Program.

Application Procedures for New Applicants

Application Dates

Apply during the month of February

VN Program Application

Bakersfield College Students with no other college courses:

Apply to the program during the February application period as follows:

  • Submit an application form to the Nursing Program - please note, applications must be filled out completely, all information requested must be provided
  • Submit either your unofficial or official Bakersfield College transcript showing all pre-requisite courses posted
  • Bakersfield College transcripts must be received by the Nursing office prior to the last day February
  • Failure to meet all application requirements/procedures will result in an incomplete application and will not be considered for selection
  • See Enrollment Selection if you are a prior applicant that is on the Waiting List

If you have taken courses from another college:

  • Apply for Admission to Bakersfield College either in person at the Admissions & Records office or online.
  • Have your college transcript(s) evaluated by:
    • Ordering an Official copy of your transcripts from your previous college(s);
    • Submit the Official copy of your transcripts along with a form “Request for Evaluation”. You can obtain this form from the Admissions & Records office or online. Please note that the evaluation process will not start until all transcripts listed on the form is received and you have submitted the Request for Evaluation form.

Please note - having your transcripts evaluated takes 12-24 weeks and must be completed prior to the end of the application period.

All Applicants

  • Submit completed application to the Nursing office located in Room 178 of the Math-Science Building (MS-178) on the main campus OR by mail, find the printable application at the top of this page.
  • Provide college transcripts as outlined above.
  • Provide official proof of 12th grade education by submitting one of the following:
    1. Proof of graduation from high school or equivalent education in the United States (GED) or (CHSPE).
    2. Foreign high school evaluated by an accepted agency in the United States.
    3. Proof of completion of Associate or Baccalaureate Degree in the United States.
      1. Application forms are valid only for the current available Program. Students not enrolled must complete an updated application form each enrollment period.

See the VN Program Brochure.


Enrollment Selection

In the event the number of qualified students for the VN Program exceeds space available, the following selection process will be utilized. Students who are qualified for enrollment will enter in the order in which their names appear on the Program Wait List.

There is currently a waitlist for the Vocational Nursing Program. An applicant's position on this list will be determined by a random drawing of names by the Director, Assistant Director and one assistant.

To remain current on the wait list, an application to the program must be submitted each application period until a seat is offered. (If proof of high school graduation and transcripts were previoiusly accepted, there is no need to re-submit. Applicants on the waitlist only need to submit the updated application and current support of CNA to the program.)

Admission to the College

For further information concerning enrollment procedures at Bakersfield College, please contact the Counseling Center (661) 395-4421 or Office of Admissions & Records (661) 395-4301.

For information regarding assessment tests and services, contact the Testing and Placement Center at (661) 395-4479.

Catalogs and Class Schedules can be found online at the Bakersfield College website. For information regarding Financial Aid and Scholarships contact (661) 395-4428.