Brochures and Applications

Update: New application process in effect for MEDS B69 course. Application periods will be June 1st  - June 30th for Fall courses, October 1st - October 31st for Spring courses and March 1st - 31st for Summer course(s). Must complete all requirements in order to have an eligible application. ONLY eligible applications will be cleared to enroll in MEDS B69 courses.

NATP Program Brochure

Notice: No physical exam or TB test is required for application submission. Due to current circumstances, the Student Health and Wellness Center is unable to conduct physical exams therefore a physical exam is not required at the time of submission. Please note that a physical exam and TB test will be required if selected for the program.

NATP Application

Students must submit completed application with listed requirements to be considered for selection in the Nurse Assistant Training Program.

The Nursing/Allied Health office must receive all application forms during the application periods. Forms received prior to or after these dates will not be accepted.

Application Procedures

*For complete program information, please refer to the Nurse Assistant Training Program Brochure.

Application Dates

June 1st - 30th for Fall courses

October 1st - 31st for Spring courses

March 1st - 31st for Summer courses

Bakersfield College Students

Apply during the program application period listed above

  • Submit an application to the Nursing/Allied Health office by mail or in person in MS-178. Application must be filled out completely, all information requested must be provided.
  • Submit copies of requirements (not originals)
  • Failure to meet all application requirements/meet deadline will result in an incomplete application and will not be considered for selection

If you are not a Bakersfield College student:

All Applicants

Submit completed application to the Nursing/Allied Health office located in Room 178 of the Math-Science Building (MS-178) on the main campus OR by mail. Find the printable application at the top of this page.

Submit copies of additional requirements, do not submit original documents

Applications and support are only valid for the application period that you apply for. If not selected, you will need to reapply. There is not an established waitlist at this time.


Proof of Immunization to be submitted with Application, no exceptions


One of the following is required:

  1. 2 doses of the MMR Vaccine OR
  2. Positive Titers for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (Blood Test)


One of the following is required:

  1. 2 doses of the Varicella Vaccine OR
  2. Positive Varicella Titer (Blood Test)

Hepatitis B:

One of the following is required:

  1. 3 doses of the Hepatitis B Vaccine OR
  2. 2 doses of Heplisav-B OR
  3. Positive Hepatitis B Titer (Blood Test)


  1. Tdap Vaccination dated within the last 10 years is required

COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster (must be completed)

In order to become fully compliant in the category, you must submit the following:

  1. Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine – 1 dose OR
  2. *Novavax 2 dose series, and a Novavax booster administered 6 months after dose 2 Novavax COVID-19 vaccine 2-dose primary series separated by 4 weeks.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Flu Shot for current season (Fall courses can complete after August 1st)
  2. CPR / American Heart Association approved Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (MEDS B52)

Requirements once accepted to start NATP program

  1. Drug Screen (date assigned when selected)
  2. Background Check (date assigned when selected)
  3. Physical Exam (must be completed no earlier than 60 days before the program start date but completed by the 1st day of class)
  4. Live Scan (will be completed once in program)
  5. TB Test 2-step PPD/TST, Implanted exactly 21 days apart OR QuantiFERON/T-Spot test (Blood Test) (must be completed or started prior to application deadline)

Enrollment Selection

For complete program information, please refer to the Nurse Assistant Training Program Brochure

Once applications are determined eligible, placement will be based on preferred location from application selection(s). If the number of applications exceed the seating availability for a class site, there will be a random drawing of names by the Director, Assistant Director and one assistant.

If not selected, you may be asked if you would prefer placement at another site of your choice. If you are not interested in this option, or the seats are filled, you will need to reapply during the next application period. There is not an established waitlist at this time.