Petition Policy

Students who have met the entrance requirements but are otherwise not eligible for the Bakersfield College Nursing Programs can petition to gain permission to re-apply to the program by following the steps below.

Procedure for Petition for Readmission into the Program:

  • Letter written by the applicant explaining, but not limited to, "why you were not previously successful and why you would be successful now, and what has changed in your life allowing you to be successful now."
  • Letters of recommendation from employers, teachers and others who can attest to your ability to be successful in the ADN Program.
  • Official Transcripts
  • Program Application
  • Individualized remediation plan tailored to student's specific situation/needs. Evidence to support the progress/changes made in order to promote student success upon readmission.

The Petition Application, and all supporting documentation must be received in the Nursing Department approximately 8 weeks before the start of the semester, in which the student is applying. The Nursing Department Petition committee will evaluate the documentation and if the materials meet the submission requirements the applicant may be called for an interview with the committee.

Note: Students wishing to Petition for re-entry must meet the program entrance requirements of a Pre-Requisite Validation minimum score of 75% and a minimum TEAS score of 62%. Students who do not meet these eligibility requirements are not eligible to petition the program.