Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Department at Bakersfield College offers a diverse and enriching educational experience with a range of degrees and certificates in American Sign Language, Spanish, and Japanese. As a hub for language enthusiasts, the department is committed to fostering a comprehensive understanding of these vibrant cultures while equipping students with valuable language skills. With a dedicated faculty and innovative teaching methods, the Foreign Language Department at Bakersfield College empowers students to embrace linguistic diversity and become effective global citizens.


Phone: (661) 395-4683 | Location: Language Arts - Schafer Hall (LA)

Department Chair: Pam Davis | (661) 395-4278 | Office: LA 210

Pathway: Arts, Humanities and Communication Pathway


American Sign Language

The American Sign Language program at Bakersfield College is an exceptional and transformative educational offering. Designed to promote inclusivity and foster effective communication within the Deaf community, this program stands as a beacon of support and understanding for individuals interested in mastering ASL. Through a combination of hands-on practice, interactive exercises, and in-depth study of Deaf culture, students gain a comprehensive grasp of ASL's linguistic intricacies and visual storytelling techniques. Led by experienced and passionate instructors, the ASL program provides a nurturing environment where students can develop fluency and proficiency in this vital language. Moreover, with a strong emphasis on cultural sensitivity, the program instills empathy and appreciation for Deaf experiences. Graduates emerge from the American Sign Language program at Bakersfield College not only equipped with valuable communication skills but also with a profound sense of connection and respect for the Deaf community, empowering them to contribute positively to a more inclusive society.

American Sign Language Degrees/Certificates and more


The Bakersfield College Foreign Language Department offers an Associate in Arts degree in Japanese. During their program, along with general education courses, students will take Elementary Japanese 1, Elementary Japanese 2, Intermediate Japanese 1, Intermediate Japanese 2, Survey of Art - Asian Art, and Intercultural Communication courses.

Japanese Degrees/Certificates and more


The major of Spanish provides a linguistic and grammatical study of the language and an in-depth look into the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples. The objective of the program is to prepare students for transfer to a four-year university. Employment opportunities are numerous, and include both academic and non-academic positions, including working for corporations, business entities, and not-for-profits. Numerous career pathways are open to students demonstrating a proficiency in spoken and written Spanish including, but not limited to, teaching, social service, and retail.

Spanish Degrees/Certificates and more

Spanish Club

The purpose of this club is to form a representative body of students at Bakersfield College who are interested in Hispanic culture and language, to provide a more enlightened perspective on Spanish language, culture and interaction, to provide information and support to Spanish speaking students and participate socially, and as a representative group, in selected school activities.

For information, contact Maritza Salguerio-Carlisle at

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