2015 Decision Making Document: Decision-making Process

This sections contains a narrative of the College's decision-making process and a graphic flowchart of how decisions are made, evaluated, and revised upon feedback from the college community and external community.

Decision-Making Process Narrative

At Bakersfield College, most college decisions are made by the President (or designee) with recommendations and input from a variety of groups. Formal recommendations and/or input may be made by these groups as described below:

  • The College Council is a formal structure through which many recommendations, input and communication flow.
  • A number of governance/constituency representative groups have responsibilities to make recommendations to the President through College Council or through direct lines of communication. These groups take their authority from various sections of Education Code, Assembly Bill 1725 (AB1725), Senate Bill 235 (SB235), and Title 5. Those groups are:
    • Academic Senate
    • College Administration
    • California School Employees Association (CSEA)
    • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Standing committees make recommendations and provide input on relevant issues through their representatives on the following or directly to the President: Accreditation, Administrative Council, Assessment, Budget, College Council, Commencement, Committee on Committees, Curriculum, Extended Learning, EAC, Enrollment Management, EODAC, Equivalence, Facilities Planning, General Education, ISIT, IEC, Levan, Matriculation, President’s Cabinet, Scholarship, SDCC, and Student Conduct Hearing

    There are three formal employee groups that may provide input on issues affecting working conditions. The KCCD Community College Association (CCA) represents faculty members, CSEA represents classified staff and the Management Association represents managers.

  • Operational groups of the college provide input directly to the President or through College Council. Operational groups may include:
  • Input is also provided by interest groups which may include faculty, staff, students, advisory committees and other community members.

Any employee or student of the college may raise issues, voice concerns, and/or provide input on issues under discussion or consideration by way of the groups listed above.

Decision-Making Process Flowchart

The flowchart is available on page 2 of the 2015 Decision Making Process Graphic (.pdf)