Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

To be eligible to receive federal and state aid, you must be maintaining progress toward a degree, certificate or transfer. Maintaining SAP means that you must: 1) complete at least 67% of the units you attempt (pace calculation); 2) maintain a cumulative institutional GPA of 2.0 or higher; and 3) complete your educational program within the Maximum Timeframe allowed (see below).

Financial Aid SAP Policy vs Institutional Academic Progress Policy
The financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy follows federal laws tied to student eligibility for federal and state financial aid. Although some similarities may exist between the two policies, students must meet the financial aid SAP criteria to receive aid.
Definition of Completed Units
You complete a course when you earn credit by receiving a passing grade. The following grades do not count towards your completed units (however, they do count toward attempted units): F, I, IP, NC, NP, RD, W, EW. Audit units or any zero unit courses are not included in either the attempted or completed figures as these units are ineligible for financial aid.
Receiving aid for remedial courses
Only 30 units of non-degree/remedial courses we be included for federal financial aid. You may also be paid for any repeated class (one time) if you previously passed ('D' or better) and for repeating classes you failed.
Receiving financial aid for classes not needed for stated program of study
Financial aid is intended to fund your program of study, including any preparatory courses needed. Therefore, funding is not available for classes not needed to complete that program.
Failure to complete 67% of all attempted units or maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00
If you complete less-than 67% of your attempted units or your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, you will be automatically placed on a financial aid 'Warning' status for the following semester. The calculation of attempted units and GPA includes all coursework at the KCCD. Students may only be on 'Warning' status for one term. You are eligible to receive financial aid on Warning status.
Failure to complete 67% of attempted classes or maintain a cumulative institutional GPA of 2.0 at the end of the “Warning” semester
If you still earn less-than 67% of your attempted units or your cumulative institutional GPA falls below 2.0 while on a "warning" status, your financial aid eligibility will be suspended.
Reinstatement after suspension
When you meet the SAP standards (successfully completed at least 67% of all classes you have attempted and raised your cumulative institutional GPA to at least a 2.0), you will regain eligibility for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to have your file re-evaluated.
Definition of “Maximum Timeframe”

Federal regulations require that you complete your academic program within 150% of the standard timeframe for your program. For example, if you are in a Liberal Arts A.A. program that requires 60 units of coursework, you will need to complete your program within 90 attempted units or your financial aid will be suspended. A certificate program requiring 30 units would carry a maximum of 45 units attempted. All attempted units are counted (less non-degree/remedial/ESL coursework up to a maximum of 30 units) whether or not you received financial aid and if the units taken do not count for credit toward graduation. The calculation of attempted units includes all coursework at the KCCD as well as all other transferable coursework completed at other institutions.

Once you reach the unit cap of 150% for your program, your financial aid eligibility will be suspended.

Changing your academic program
Yes, you can change your academic program once, but if you change your program after you have already attempted 100% of the units needed to complete your program of study (less remedial courses), your financial aid may be suspended.
Appeal for reinstatement after losing eligibility for financial aid due to SAP status

You have the right to appeal your SAP suspension if you feel there were extenuating circumstances by submitting a Reinstatement for Financial Aid Appeal form (no more than once per academic year) with a personal statement, academic plan (Student Educational Plan or SEP) and documentation of the extenuating circumstances. Appeals are completed 100% online/virtually. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the Financial Aid Office to evaluate your appeal after it has been submitted in full. Please note that submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval and decisions made are final.

Only ONE (1) appeal per student is allowed per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Appeal Decision

If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on either a "Probation" or '”Academic Plan” status with conditions you must follow. Your coursework and progress will be monitored each semester. During this period, you are eligible to receive financial aid. Depending upon the decision, you must either meet the SAP standards at the end of the probationary semester or be required to follow a specific Academic Plan.

Please be advised that there will most likely be delays in disbursing funds for students in either a 'Probation' or 'Academic Plan' status at the beginning of each term as financial aid must review your progress. This is especially true for students enrolled in Summer classes as there is little time between the end of Spring and start of Summer terms. Thank you for your patience.

Deadline to Submit Appeal
The SAP appeal, with all attached documentation, must be received by the Financial Aid Office no later than 10 days prior to the end of the semester in order to be reviewed. If approved, reinstatement of funding will apply to the current and following terms (if you meet the conditions established) in the award year. Aid cannot be awarded retroactively. For instance, if you submitted your SAP appeal in January, and it was approved, you would only qualify for aid for the Spring semester, not the previous Fall.
Taking classes not listed on your Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP)
You may take classes not listed on your CSEP, however you will not receive financial aid funding for them. Students on an appeal who are not following their CSEP may be placed back on suspension after their progress is evaluated at the end of the term.
Failure to meet conditions of your Academic Plan
If you fail to meet the conditions of your Academic Plan, you will be returned to a Suspended status and you must meet the SAP standards (2.00 Cum GPA and 67% completion rate) in order to regain eligibility for financial aid. You may re-appeal the following award year.

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