Entering Collective Assessment Data

Screenshot with a. next to faculty, b. next to vocational nursing, d. points to Courses and c. points to Fall 2017; 3. points to scorecards.

  1. Log into eLumen. Reminder: eLumen works best with Chrome or Firefox. Be sure to type the above address in your address bar.
  2. Ensure the following:
    1. Select the "Faculty" option next to your name
    2. Make sure the “discipline” of the course you want to score is selected
    3. Select the “Term” you are entering data for inside the "Courses" tab. Be sure to double check this field, as it will mess you up if you are not on the right term.
    4. Ensure the "Courses" button is selected (it should be darker than those to the right ("SLOs & Assessments", "Results Explorer" and "Strategic Initiatives")
  3. At this point you should see your courses and assessments listed on the page. Scroll to the course you will be entering data for. To enter your data, click on the blue icon under "Scorecards" *If you do not see an assessment listed in your class, you will need to go back and create them. Please see the following handout - Creating a Collective Data Assessment*
  4. Once you have clicked the blue icon under “Scorecards” you will see the screen below where you can enter your assessment data.

Screenshot of the collective scores table.

  1. To complete your scoring, your total must add up to the total number of students enrolled (Use "N/A" if the student was absent or was no longer enrolled in the course) for every SLO. If you leave anything blank, eLumen will think you took a break and are coming back to finish the scoring later!
  2. Once you have entered your data and your student count matches what eLumen displays for the class, click on “Save and Continue to Reflection”, the Reflect and refine box will pop up. Enter a summary for each box (your summary will be the length that fits your needs).After entering your summaries, click on “Submit and Share

Screenshot of the reflect and refine box.

  1. You will then be taken back to the screen below: ***The green checkmark on the blue icon under “Scorecards” verifies that you have completed your entry for that assessment form.***

Screenshot with an arrow pointing to the scorecards column with a checkmark.

  1. You have now completed entering your collective assessment data and reflection summaries for this assessment in eLumen.