BC_All Email Listserve Guidelines

Printable Guidelines

BC_all is a moderated email distribution list that encompasses all employees of Bakersfield College (BC). Users submitting messages for approval are required to adhere to the following guidelines. Please note that not all submitted messages will be approved, and the approval process may take up to 48 hours. Messages may not be approved outside of regular business hours on campus.


  • The President of Bakersfield College grants authority to approvers to uphold and ensure compliance with the guidelines for the distribution list.
  • Messages originating from sources outside of Bakersfield College or the Kern Community College District will be declined.
  • Messages will only be approved outside of business hours in cases of urgency or emergencies.
  • Matters not explicitly covered in these guidelines shall be at the discretion of the approvers.
  • Messages intended for the student body including direct department or program announcements or events, shall be publicized via the student government weekly e-newsletter.
  • Students are not subscribers of BC_all
  • All employees of BC are automatically subscribed and cannot unsubscribe.

Guidelines for Approving Messages

  1. Messages must be for the sole purpose of college employees to communicate only work-related information to all employees.
  2. Messages must contain information relevant for all employees.
    • Messages geared towards a certain segment of the campus community are to be sent via their appropriate employee distribution group.
      • Each employee distribution list is unmoderated and is not subject to BC_All’s guidelines. Appropriate professional decorum is required when using all BC distribution groups.
  3. Messages and attachments must meet Accessibility standards per Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act as amended §508. Email submitters are responsible to ensure that their email is accessible before sending.
  4. All messages must include appropriate contact information.
  5. Allowed messages include (but not limited to):
    • System interruptions.
    • Department/service closures.
    • Campus issues and updates.
    • Human Resources announcements.
    • On-Campus Bakersfield College and co-sponsored events.
    • Announcements to be conveyed to students.
  6. Messages that will not be approved include (but not limited to):
    • Non-BC related Sales or side businesses.
    • Lost pets or lost items.
    • Non-BC related or community events.
    • Emails or attachments which are not accessible.
    • Replies or forwarded messages.