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College Success Coach - Job Description

Under the supervision of the Program Manager and a high school Site Coordinator, College Success Coaches provides academic, college, career, and financial aid support to high school students. The goal is to increase the number of students attending college and secure financial aid to fund their college educational needs. 

College Success Coaches may perform any combination of the following at the school site, with supervision: 

  • Motivate student to consider postsecondary educational opportunities and continue in college preparatory course of study throughout high school 
  • Discuss the nature of the collegiate experience with students and encourage high academic achievement 
  • Help students complete a college and career assessment 
  • Help find information for students on colleges of interest 
  • Organize campus events and help students complete college and financial aid applications, including scholarships, and provide follow up support to students 
  • Collaborate with colleges to rally support for all college-related activities and to ensure that students are connected with support programs at individual colleges 
  • Organize financial aid literacy presentations for high school students 
  • Discuss educational opportunities and student's academic achievement with parents and/or teachers 
  • Provide academic support via tutorial assistance to students primarily in grades 9-12 (as requested by individual high schools) 
  • Keep accurate data and records of students who receive Cal-SOAP services 
  • Perform other duties, within the above framework, as assigned by Program Manager 


College Success Coaches are expected to do the following: 

  • Perform duties in a responsible manner 
  • Attend all Cal-SOAP training sessions, meetings and events 
  • Report to the school site in accordance with the established hours of work, which are agreed upon with the employee, Cal-SOAP Program Manager and school Site Coordinator 
  • Keep updated, organized, and accurate records of student contacts and progress in accordance with Cal-SOAP instructions 
  • Report absences in a prescribed manner 
  • Attend parent and college informational nights if available and at the site's request 
  • Cooperate fully with Site Coordinator, teachers and administrators 
  • Participate in programs sponsored and /or supported by Cal-SOAP including I'm Going To College, Transfer: Making It Happen, College: Making It Happen, Cash for College, Kern County College Night, etc.