Paying for College

What is the CA Dream Act Application (CADAA)?

The CA Dream Act Application is a state-based financial aid program for eligible undocumented students that was established in Spring 2012 by the CA Student Aid Commission.

Who is eligible to apply?

Ab 540/SB 68 Eligible Students who are:

  • Undocumented individuals;
  • DACAmented individuals; and
  • U visa holders
  • TPS Protected Status

Please note: Undocumented students DO NOT need DACA to apply for the CA Dream Act application. DACA is a federal program, while CA Dream Act application is a state-based financial aid program

How to Apply

  • Create a username and password for the CA Dream Application (CADAA)
  • Complete the application by March 2nd
  • Submit your CA Dream Act Application and review the confirmation page immediately to check for errors.
  • Make sure your GPA verification is sent by March 2nd
  • Additional Steps
    • If you are a male, register for the selective service and show proof to your financial aid office.
    • If you are selected for verification, turn in your documents in advance through Campus Logic


The CA Dream Act allows AB 540/ SB 68 students to apply for:

  • State-funded grants (including Cal Grants, State grants, and the CA College Promise Grant)
  • State programs such as EOPS
  • Certain scholarships administered by the public institution


If you are still unsure what application to complete please review this form or schedule an appointment.


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