Sex Offender Registration

Megan's Law

In 1994, seven year old Megan Kanka was raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender with two prior convictions of child sexual abuse. Prior to her death, states required sex offenders to register, but registry information was mostly limited to law enforcement. A grassroots movement championed by Megan's parents after her death galvanized the public and demanded that sex offender registry information be made available to the public.

In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the federal "Megan's Law". The law provides guidelines that states must use to notify the public of sex offender information. It also enhances online sex offender registry information databases.

More information about registered sex offenders can be found at the following resources.

Clery Act Compliance (Navigate to the current year's Annual Security Report and see the "Megan's Law" section.)

California's Megan's Law

California Penal Code Section 290

Sex Offender Registration

Persons convicted of sex offenses under California Penal Code Section 290 who are full time/part time students, full time/part time employees, volunteers, contractors, and/or certain carrier drivers are required to register with College Safety. These persons must register within 5 days of enrollment or employment. Registrants are also required to notify College Safety within 5 days of discontinuing attendance or employment. Registration with College Safety does not relieve the person of registration within their local jurisdiction or vice versa.

Sex Offender Registration is a 2-part process.

IMPORTANT: College Safety will not process registration until both parts have been completed.

  1. Complete the Sex Offender Registration Form.
    Sex Offender Registration Form
  2. Schedule an appointment with College Safety at or (661) 395-4554. At this appointment you will need to provide your government issued photo identification, a copy of your Sex Offender Registration paperwork or card, a copy of your current class or work schedule, and be prepared to have your photo taken by a College Safety Officer.

Contact College Safety

Phone: (661) 395-4554 | Email: | Location: Administrative Services Building (AS)