Bakersfield College Paramedic Program Estimated Costs

Item Estimated Cost Notes
Enrollment fees 39 units x $46 per unit $1,794.00  
Books $829.00 Books may be available for rent; please check with the BC Bookstore.
Uniforms & Supplies $385.00 uniforms purchased and whether student already has belt/boots.
Drug Screen $53.00  
Background Check & Immunization Tracker $65.00  
Mask Fit Test $35.00  
American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers $49.00 the book if taken at BC is $49.00; it may cost more if taken elsewhere.
Field Internship $2,000.00 Cost varies dependent upon internship site. This cost is paid by the student.
Physical Exam, TB Test, Immunizations and/or Titers $200.00 Cost varies dependent upon where student obtains services.
Total Estimated Cost of Paramedic Program $5,320.00 Please note: This is only an estimate - actual cost may vary.