Smog License Training

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BAR Certified Repair License Update Training

Smog Check Repair Technicians are required to complete 16 hours of automotive technology update training every two years for license renewal. The free 4 hour online inspector update training that is required to renew the inspector license will count toward the 16 total hours of repair license update training. Therefore a 12 hour update class is the minimum amount of hours required for a Smog Check Repair Technician License Renewal.

Update Class Registration and Online Payment

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Training Prerequisites: None

Smog Inspector License Training

A Smog Check Inspector inspects and certifies vehicles requiring Smog Check inspection.

AUTO B39 is a Bureau of Automotive Repair certified course which includes Level 1 and Level 2 certificate training. The Level 1 (L1) Engine and Emission Control training is intended to provide students with fundamental knowledge of engine and emission control theory, design, and operation. The Level 2 (L2) Smog Check Training is intended to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform Smog Check inspections. Students who successfully pass both Level 1 and Level 2 training courses will have met the eligibility requirements to take the Smog Check Inspector State License examination. For more information visit: Smog Check Inspector Qualifications and Duties.

Training Prerequisites: AUTO B10 Automotive Safety

BAR Specified Diagnostic & Repair (ASE Alternative (A6, A8, L1)

The requirements of the BAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training are included in the AUTO B33 Engine Performance and AUTO B34 Advanced Engine Performance courses at Bakersfield College. BAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training represents one of four options a Repair Technician candidate may choose to qualify for the initial state licensing examination. Specifically, candidates with at least two years of engine performance repair experience may complete this training to qualify for the state licensing examination. This training is intended to provide students with a high level of competency in the diagnosis and repair of Smog Check failures. BAR Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training is valid for 5 years. For more information visit: Qualifications and Duties of a Smog Check Repair Technician

Training Prerequisites: AUTO B20 Engine Theory, Design and Diagnosis, A1 ASE, or other approved industry work experience.

BAR Citation Training

Citation Training is intended to provide licensed inspectors remedial training related a Smog Check citation. The actual training requirements including course hours will vary depending on the conditions of the citation as dictated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. As applicable, the training may include but is not limited to: quizzes to confirm comprehension of any BAR training, a review of Smog Check inspection procedures, hands-on assessments using vehicles with emission control defects or tampers, and a final written examination. Successful completion of this training will result in a Citation Certificate of training that is required to renew or reinstate their Smog Inspector License.

Training Prerequisites: None