Transfer to BC

Academic credit earned in regionally accredited institutions of higher education for comparable pre-licensure courses will be accepted for transfer. The student who is in good standing transferring from another Associate Degree Nurse program will be given credit for content already covered in his/her previous educational program.

Transferring students must meet the same eligibility requirements as Bakersfield College generic nursing students including the repeat policy. Bakersfield College ADN students cannot exceed two nursing program failures. Students who have exceeded the allowable failure policy will not be considered.

Transfer Steps:

1. Enroll at Bakersfield College

Apply for Admission to Bakersfield College either in person at the Admissions and Records office or online 

Please note - the transcript evaluation process can take up to 24 weeks and must be completed prior to the end of the application period. For the December application period your transcripts should be submitted no later than November 1. For the June application period, your transcripts should be submitted no later than May 1.

2. Have Your Transcripts Evaluated

Procedure for having your transcripts evalutated:

  • Order an Official copy of your transcripts from your previous college(s);
  • Submit the Official copy of your transcripts along with a form “Request for Evaluation”.  Please note that the evaluation process will not start until all transcripts listed on the form is received and you have submitted the Request for Evaluation form.

3. Submit Application Form with Transcripts

Once your transcripts have been evaluated and posted to your Bakersfield College transcripts, either order an official copy to be sent from the Admission and Records office or print your unofficial transcript and submit along with Application Form to the Nursing Program during the appropriate application periods.

4. Letter of Good Standing

Obtain Letter of Good Standing from your previous nursing program.

5. Course Descriptions

Obtain course descriptions of the nursing courses you have successfully completed.

6. Appointment with the Nursing Dean/Director

Once all the above steps have been completed, please call the Nursing / Allied Health Department at (661)395-4281 and request an appointment to speak to the Nursing Dean/Director of Nursing


Foreign Trained Nurses

Important Information for Foreign Trained Nurses Requesting Coursework at Bakersfield College (per Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) Letter):

In order for the Dean of Nursing to meet with you, you must first have your official foreign transcript(s) evaluated by an outside agency; you will need to contact an agency such as IERF (International Education Research Foundation) or WES (World Education Services) to inquire as to the process for that evaluation.   Additionally you must assemble the course descriptions, course syllabi or course catalog from your nursing school which will clearly outline topics/curriculum covered in your nursing courses.

Once the evaluation from the outside agency is complete and you have obtained all nursing course descriptions, you may make an appointment with the Dean or Assistant Director (you must bring all evaluations and course descriptions) to discuss the level of course you will require.  Once the Dean/Assistant Director determines the level/course(s) you are eligible for, you may apply to the program during the appropriate application period and request the level/course the Dean/Assistant Director has indicated.  Entrance will be based on space availability.