Radiologic Technology Program Estimated Costs

The table below identifies an estimate of costs for the Associate of Science Degree Radiologic Technology Program and are subject to change as the college fee structure changes and other fees change by outside organizations or agencies.

Program Activity Estimate of Program Cost
Tuition (2 year program) $3,105.00
Student Health Fee ($18 Fall/Spring, $15 Summer, Summer) $102.00
Student Center Fee ($5/Semester) $30.00
Student Representation Fee ($2 each semester) $12.00
Materials Fee (Radiation Monitoring and Health Stream) $150.00
Books (entire program) $1,500.00
My Clinical Exchange (24 mo) $80.00
Lead Markers ($21/set - two sets) $42.00
Drug Screening $47.00
Immunization Tracker ADB $30.00
Background ADB $30.00
Physical (covered by BC Health & Wellness Center) $0.00
Immunizations (Depends on insurance and immunization status) $525.00
Mask Fit Testing (annually) $110.00
BLS Certification $50.00
Uniform $350.00
Trajecsys Online reporting System (24 months) $150.00
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART) Registration Fee $225.00
State of California, Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT) License Fee $112.00
State of California, Fluoroscopy Permit Applicatoin Fee $112.00
Program Pin $120.00
Total estimated program costs $6,990.00