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NEW APPLICANTS: Please make note that the Radiologic Technology program will not be accepting new applications to the program after the February 2023 application period.


The current waitlist extends out to 2026. Twenty-four (24) students are admitted each year from the existing waitlist; the program begins with the school's Summer semester.

Waitlisted students must re-apply each year to confirm their interest in the program and hold their place. Students will continue to be selected from the waitlist until the waitlist has been exhausted. At this time we anticipate accepting new applications by 2026; however, if we are able to accept sooner we will make this announcement.

Your application to the program is your way of stating you are ready to start the program, complete the intake process successfully and prepare for the costs associated with the program.

MATH UPDATE: MATH B27 is the required Math course. If you have already taken MATH B72, B75, B70 or BD or higher level Math (excluding PSYC B5) you do not need to take the updated Math requirement. 


To meet the needs of our community clinical sites and for the health and safety of our students while in our Nursing/Allied Health programs, we are now requiring that students meet COVID Vaccination and Booster requirements upon entry into the program. NO exemptions will be considered.

Application Procedures

It is the students' responsibility to ensure that the following items are completed prior to the end of the application period held in the month of February:

  1. Prerequisites: Complete required prerequisite courses (see Prerequisites)
  2. Application: (waitlisted students only) review, print, and submit Program Application to the Radiologic Technology Department in person to MS-178 (Math/Science Building Allied Health Wing, Room 178, Second Floor) or postmarked no later than February 29, 2024. The completed application must be legible.
    Note: In an effort to go green, printed applications are not immediately available to students in the office.
  3. BC Transcripts: ALL applicants, except waitlisted applicants, must submit an unofficial copy of their Bakersfield College transcript that reflects all completed prerequisite coursework. This can be accessed through your insideBC account under MyBanWeb
  4. Transcripts from Other Colleges: If you have taken courses from any college other than Bakersfield College:
    1. Apply for admission to Bakersfield College. Follow the information under Steps to Enroll.
    2. Have your official college transcript(s) submitted to the BC Records office no later than December 1st :
      • Order an official copy of your transcripts from your previous college(s);
      • Submit the Official copy of your transcripts along with a form “Request for Evaluation”. The form is also available in the Admissions & Records office in the Welcome Center.
      • Once your transcript(s) have been evaluated and are posted to your Bakersfield College transcripts,  print your unofficial transcript and submit along with the Application Form to the Radiologic Technology Program during the application filing period.
      • If you have taken courses from Porterville or Cerro Coso Community College, you only need to submit the “Request for Evaluation” form to the BC Admissions & Records office. You do not need to submit official copies of transcripts from Porterville or Cerro Coso Community College to the campus.
    Note: The process of evaluating transcripts can take a minimum of 12-24 weeks by the Bakersfield College Admissions & Records office. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide this information along with the program application by the deadline in February. Transcripts must be received by the BC Admissions and Records office no later than December 1st to be considered timely.
  5. Late application materials will not be considered. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their application is complete. The Rad-Tech program is not responsible for late materials or incomplete applications. The application must be thoroughly completed and signed along with all required supplemental support to be considered for eligibility.
  6. Applicants on the waitlist must reapply annually during the enrollment month of February. This is required every year to keep the applicant's file current. If the waitlisted applicant does not reapply, the applicant will be removed from the waitlist. Applicants on the waitlist do not need to re-submit transcripts

Application Filing Period

Application forms and all required documents must be received by the Radiologic Technology Program Office during the application month of February. Please submit complete applications in person to MS-178 (Math/Science Allied Health wing Room 178). Applications may also be mailed and postmarked by the last day of February: Radiologic Technology Program, Bakersfield College, 1801 Panorama Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93305.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Application Status

Check the status of your application here!

  • All Status of Application letters will be emailed 8-10 weeks from the application deadline.  Be sure to check all SPAM/JUNK folders as well.
  • Student enrollment for June start is dependent upon clinical availability and cannot be determined at this time.
  • Your application to the program is your way of stating you are ready to start the program, complete the intake process successfully and prepared for the costs associated with the program.
  • If you do not receive an email response to your application, please contact the Allied Health office at (661)395-4284.

Enrollment and Selection Process

When the number of qualified students for the Associate Degree Radiologic Technology Program exceeds space available, we follow this selection process:

  • The applicant is placed on the program waitlist.
  • To be placed onto the waitlist, all program prerequisites must be completed.
  • New applicants' positions on the program waitlist will be determined by random drawing of names from the pool of qualified applicants.
  • Qualified applicants will be admitted in the order in which their names appear on the program waitlist.
  • To remain current on the waitlist, you must submit an application form annually during the application filing period in the month of February.

Prerequisite Courses

All prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to applying for the Radiologic Technology Program. Completing prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in general education courses will allow you to apply and continue with your general education courses while on the waitlist for the program. The following prerequisite courses must be completed with a "C" grade or higher.

  1. BIOL B18 (Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology - 4 units) at Bakersfield College
    • or BIOL B32 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I - 4units)
      and BIOL B33 (Human Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 units)
    • or equivalent course(s) at another accredited college.
      Note: BIOL B14 (Human Anatomy) and BIOL B15 (Human Physiology) were previously taught at Bakersfield College and they meet this requirement.
  2. MATH B27 (College Algebra - 4 units, previously MATH B72/B75/B70/BD) at Bakersfield College or equivalent course at another accredited college. A higher level college math course will be accepted for the algebra requirement.
    • Minimum cumulative GPA:
      • First Attempt: 2.7 GPA
      •  Second Attempt: 2.9 GPA
      • This prerequisite must be met by all new and waitlist applicants effective February 2013.
    • Course attempts including grades of “D”, “F” and withdrawals "W" are included in the review of the course attempts. Students with more than two math attempts are not initially eligible for the program. See the remediation plan below.
    • Students who complete a higher level math course than Intermediate Algebra:
      • Must also meet the minimum grade point average (GPA) and course attempts requirements to meet program prerequisites.
      • Higher level math course excludes PSYC B5. 
        (PSYC B5 completed by Fall 2019 will be accepted with the cumulative GPA and course attempt requirements).
    • Remediation Plan:
      Students who do not meet the Math course attempt requirement for the Program, and would like to be considered, must complete the following remediation plan as outlined:
      • Complete ACDV B70a through B70f Study Skills courses (6 courses) with a “SP,” "UG," or "P" grade.
      • Complete MATH B22 Elementary Probability and Statistics with a minimum grade of “C” on the first course attempt and maintain a 2.9 GPA. (PSYC B5 will not be a substitution for this requirement)
      • Transcripts must reflect successful completion of remediation requirements at the time of initial application. 
  3. MEDS B37 (Medical Terminology - 3 units, previously MEDS B60) at Bakersfield College or equivalent course at another accredited college. Renamed MEDS B37 effective Summer 2021. 
  4. ENGL B1a (Expository Composition - 3 units) or an equivalent course at another accredited college.

Note: If you do not meet the GPA requirement, review the Bakersfield College Academic Renewal Policy. Under certain conditions, your GPA may be eligible for recalculation. Any updates to GPA must be reflected on the Bakersfield College transcript at the time of application to the program. 

General Education Pattern

General education courses are required to graduate from the Bakersfield College Associate in Science Degree Radiologic Technology Program.  We recommend completing the general education courses before applying to the program. For specific information about general education and graduation requirements, see the Bakersfield College General Education and Graduation Requirements in the College Catalog  (the list below does NOT identify all requirements).

Students are encouraged to regularly check the college requirements for graduation and/or meet with an education counselor or advisor to ensure that Associate in Science (AS) degree requirements will be met at the end of the Radiologic Technology Program. Certification or licensure requires you to complete the AS Degree to be eligible.

  • A. Communication (6 units)
    • A.1 Oral Communication (3 units): Comm B1 recommended; Any course listed in Area A.1 of the Gen Ed Pattern in the BC Catalog.
    • A.2 Written Communication (3 units): ENGL B1A - prerequisite course
  • B. Physical Universe and Life Forms (4 units)
    • B.1 Natural Sciences (4-8 units): BIOL B18 or BIOL B32 & BIOL B33
    • B.2 Mathematics and Logic (3-5 units): MATH B25 (4 units) or higher level - prerequisite course
  • C. Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and Foreign Language (3-5 units)
    • PHIL B12 recommended, or any course in Area C: Gen Ed Pattern in the BC Catalog.
  • D. Social, Political, Legal and Economic Institutions & Behavior, Historical Background (6 units)
    • D.1 Foundations int he Behavioral Sciences (3 units): Any course listed in Area D.1 in the BC Catalog.
    • OR D.2 Foundations in the Social Sciences (3 units): Any course listed in Area D.2 in the BC Catalog.
    • AND D.3 American (U.S. Institutions) (3 units): Any course listed in Area D.3 in the BC Catalog.
  • E. Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development (1 unit)
    • Physical Education - 1 unit required from PHED courses listed in the BC Catalog.
    • Rad Tech students are exempt from the 3 unit course in the psychological development category.
  • Educational Planning -STDV B1 recommended or any course listed in the BC Catalog General Requirements (Recommended to be taken during the first semester of courses at BC to assure priority registration.)
  • Computer Studies (3 units): COMP B2 or COMP B5 or equivalent is necessary to meet Radiologic Technology Program completion

Health Requirements and Screenings

  1. After students receive notification of enrollment into the Program, a physical examination will be required to demonstrate that the student meets the technical standards necessary to meet the objectives of the Program.
  2. As a condition of enrollment to the Radiologic Technology Program, all students are required to submit to and pass a designated drug and alcohol screen.
  3. As a condition of enrollment in any Allied Health Program with a clinical component, students are required to submit to and pass a designated background screen. Every student offered space in the Program will be required to submit to a background screening as part of his or her clinical requirement for admission. Please note the following:
    • A history of felony conviction(s) or any bar, exclusion, or other ineligibility for federal program participation could render a student ineligible for clinical placement, as determined by the clinical agencies.
    • If a student cannot obtain background clearance from the clinical agencies, it will not be possible to place the student in the clinical areas, which is a required component of the Program.
    • In the event that a student cannot obtain a background clearance due to background restrictions, the space will be forfeited.
    • Students who are found to be ineligible for clinical placement by the clinical agency after admission to the radiography program shall be subject to dismissal from the Program, as they will be unable to complete mandatory clinical rotations.
  4. Immunizations and health tests are needed for acceptance in a clinical education center, and to protect the health and welfare of the student and the community. Immunizations may include but are not limited to rubella, varicella, hepatitis B and seasonal influenza. A tuberculosis screening is also required.
  5. The medical exam, drug and alcohol screen, background screen, immunizations, and health tests are performed at the expense of the student.
  6. The student must possess a current American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR & AED) card. This card must be provided at the start of the Program and be kept valid during the entire 24-month Program.

Essential Technical Standards

Radiologic Technology students must meet the following essential technical standards to ensure the safety and welfare of the patients, the healthcare team, and themselves. A physical examination determines whether or not a student meets the technical standards or determines what accommodation may be necessary.

  • Capable of standing and/or walking up to seven hours throughout an eight-hour shift.
  • Bend, crouch, or stoop several times per hour.
  • Lift and carry a minimum of 30 pounds several times an hour.
  • Lift and move up to a 300-pound patient in a 2-3 person transfer.
  • Reach overhead above the shoulder 90 degrees.
  • Push and/or pull objects and equipment weighting up to 300 pounds.
  • Utilize eyesight to observe patients, manipulate equipment and accessories to evaluate radiographs for technical quality under various illumination levels from low levels of illumination to amber/red lighting to bright light levels
  • Capable of hearing to effectively communicate with the patient and healthcare team.
  • Utilize sufficient verbal and written skills to effectively and promptly communicate in English with the patient and healthcare team.
  • Manipulate radiologic and medical equipment and accessories, including but not limited to switches, knobs, buttons, and keyboards, utilizing fine and gross motor skills.
  • Perform the assigned job responsibilities with the intellectual and emotional functions necessary to ensure patient safety, and exercise independent judgment and discretion.
  • Utilize the above standards/functions to respond promptly to patients' needs and/or emergency situations.

Exposure to Magnetic Fields

Students that are pursuing a career in radiologic technology may come in contact with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) during clinical education training. Students must be aware that magnetic fields are used and understand the consequences of not following safety guidelines. Students that are accepted into the program will be required to undergo a safety screening by completing an MRI safety form. The student will be asked to fill out the form asking about anything that might create a health risk to the student. If an individual has bullet fragments, shrapnel, or similar metallic fragments in your body, there is a potential risk that it could change position, possibly causing injury. The magnetic field of the scanner may also damage an external hearing aid or other implanted devices such as a heart pacemaker, cochlear implant, etc. 

MRI Safety Form

Licensure/Certification Eligibility

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) requires review of the following:

  • Misdemeanor or felony charges and convictions and military court-martials
  • Sanction by the Program regarding an academic honor code
  • Licensure suspension or denial
  • Other disciplinary action by a regulatory authority or certification board other than the ARRT

This review may be conducted prior to or during the Program.

For more information, contact the ARRT at:

  • 1225 North Highland Drive
  • Mendota Heights, MN 55120
  • (651) 687.0048
  • ARRT

The State Department of Public Health, Radiologic Health Branch and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists require possession of a valid Social Security Number to apply for licensure and/or registration.