Nurse Assistant Training Program (MEDS B69) Projected Cost for Semester


The figures listed below are only estimates. Actual cost may vary.

Please note that these costs do not include living expenses.

*Tuition based on $46/unit for nursing courses only.

*Check with instructor regarding book and uniform recycling program (lending library)

Semester Fees

Fee Cost
Tuition* $276.00
Student Health Fee $18.00
Student Center Fee $5.00
Student Representative Fee $2.00
Materials Fee (Health Stream - $20 and Tote - $85) $105.00
Parking Permit $40.00
Books (Loaner Library Program)* $85.00
Drug Screening $47.00
Background - ADB $30.00
Immunization Tracker- ADB $25.00
Physical (Covered by the BC Health & Wellness Center) $0.00
Immunizations (Depends on insurance and immunization status) $465.00
BLS Certification $50.00
Fingerprints - (BC Nursing Department covers fee) $52.00
Uniform (Scrub top, scrub pants, shoes, watch) - Lab Coat optional - Loaner Uniform Program* $140.00
Certificate/Licensing Fee $125.00
Total Estimated Semester Cost: $1,465.00