Engineering and Information Technology

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Programs in the Engineering Department are developed to prepare and equip each student with the necessary tools for a successful engineering career.


Phone: (661) 395-4080 | Location: Science and Engineering (SE)

Department Chair: Jason Dixon  | (661) 395-4080 | Office: SE 325

Pathway: STEM Pathway



People working in the field of engineering and related technical fields “bridge the gap” between scientific principles and the application of these principles to the needs of society. The field is quite diversified with exciting opportunities for people with varied mathematic, scientific and technical skills.

An engineer uses experience and judgment, as well as advanced training in engineering, science and mathematics to formulate ideas and designs, and to determine standards, specifications, work orders and schedules so that projects can be economically beneficial to mankind.

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Computer Science

Careers in computer related fields are on the rise. From computer related fields such as Computer Engineering, Network Engineering and to Computer Support, Computer Systems Analysis and Network Security start on your path for a computer related profession with a certificate or degree in Computer Science from Bakersfield College.

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