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The Behavioral Sciences scientifically study human and animal behavior. Within Behavioral Sciences are several academic programs including Anthropology, Human Services, Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health Science.


Phone: (661) 395-4434 | Location: Language Arts - Schafer Hall (LA)

Department Chair: Ginger LeBlanc | (661) 395-4513 | Office: Levinson 13

Pathway: Social and Behavioral Sciences Pathway

Degree and Certificate Programs

Discover the Behavioral Science Program for You

Behavioral Sciences offer a variety of Associate Degrees, Certificates and courses to assist you on a career path in the world of Behavioral Science. Whether you are looking to advance in your current career, start your career, or begin on a path to a four-year degree, we offer programs to lead you in the right direction for Anthropology, Human Services, Psychology and more.