Weill Institute (Downtown)

Outside of the Weill Institute building.

The Weill Institute is located in downtown Bakersfield at 21st Street and Chester Avenue. Street entry and parking lot is available off of L Street.

The two-story building includes classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, and offices. It is the location of the Kern Community College District offices and the most frequent meeting location for the Board of Trustees.

Students attend EMT, Fire Technology, and Business Skills & Entrepreneurship classes in the day and evening at the Weill. Discover the possibilities and Apply Today.

Launchpad - Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Bakersfield College provides resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help start and grow businesses in our community. Located at the Weill Institute, the Launchpad offers free classes and workshops, a computer lab with support staff, and a comfortable space with Wi-Fi for you to work. There is even a club for innovators to network. See what is offered at the Launchpad.