Student Affairs Organization Chart

Updated December 14, 2022

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Vice President of Student Affairs

Imelda Simos-Valdez

  • Administrative Assistant — Maria Arias

Dean of Student Success and Counseling

Marisa Marquez

  • Program Manager, Counseling and Student Success — Angelica Caudillo
  • Director, Transfer Pathways — Ben Perlado
    • Program Manager, Transfer Pathways — Lizette Madrigal
    • Program Manager, Kern Promise — Vacant

Dean of Students

Nicky Damania

  • Assistant Director, Student Life — Leonardo Ayala
  • Program Director, Student Life — Nicole Alvarez
  • Program Manager, Basic Needs Coordinator — Caitlin Davidson
  • Director, Student Health and Wellness Center — Charles Collom
    • Program Manager, COVID and Campus Health Initiatives — Tyler Thoms
  • Manager, Veteran Services and Programs — Jenny Frank
  • Manager, College and Community Events — Vacant

Executive Director, Enrollment Systems and Integrated Support

Michelle Smith

  • Assistant Director, Admissions and Records — Jacqueline Lau
  • Program Manager, Admissions and Records — Erineo Garcia
  • Interim Program Manager, Student Re-Enrollment Center — - Dustin Sharer
  • Interim Program Manager, Student Re-Enrollment Center — - Vacant
  • Program Manager, Compliance and Special Programs - — Vacant
  • Program Manager, Testing and Placement Center — Lovey Chahal

Executive Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Jennifer Achan

  • Assistant Director, Financial Aid — Ruthie Welborn
  • Supervisor, Financial Aid — Lysander Ramos
  • Program Manager, Financial Aid Compliance — David Moncayo
  • Program Manager, Scholarships — Walter Rivas

Director, Student Success Technology

Dan Hall

  • Program Manager, Student Success Technology — Nicole Avina

Interim Director, Outreach

Ashlea Ward

  • Program Manager, Outreach and Early College — Savannah Andrews

Director, Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS)

Tiffany Bell

  • Program Manager, DSPS & Workability III — Katrina Marquez

Director, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services


  • Program Director, Categorical Programs — Maria Baltazar
  • Program Director, Categorical Programs — Patricia Ramirez

Interim Director, Outreach for Special Programs

Nora Dominguez

  • Program Manager, Cal-SOAP — Heflin Barrera
  • Program Manager, AB540 and Undocumented Students Program — Vacant
  • Program Manager, Foster and Kinship Care Education Program — Araceli Navarro

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