BC’s Student Employment Helps Students Find Jobs

Amanda working on a desktop

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Bakersfield College offers employment opportunities both on-campus and off campus to help students find balance between their academics, finances and personal lives, while advancing their skills and gaining hands on experience in their path.  

All on-campus jobs are available to students enrolled in at least six units during the fall and spring semesters and two units during the summer. These opportunities help students find convenient and flexible employment, have income while attending college, and build professional skills for long-term use. Students can work up to nineteen hours per week depending on their role. 

In addition, the student employment lab, located in FACE 16, provides assistance for students looking for employment while attending college or upon graduation. Job Development Specialists make an effort to locate work that is related to a student's major or occupational goal. To utilize Student Employment services, students must be currently enrolled or be a Bakersfield College graduate or alumni.

“I love being a student employee at Bakersfield College. My manager, Monika Roberts, has always stressed the importance of my education and is flexible with my weekly scheduling. She has spent countless hours helping me develop my writing and professional skills, and it is a very convenient solution to my academic, professional, and personal success,” says student marketing writer Amanda Hernandez.

Bakersfield College has always been committed to finding solutions to the barriers students face on a day-to-day basis and continues to listen to the needs of their students in hopes of benefitting their lives and guiding them to a path that will allow them to become successful even long after they have graduated. 

All available employment opportunities can be found on the Bakersfield College Jobspeaker website. For extra assistance or more information, students can visit the student employment lab in FACE 16.