New Students: Applying to BC

For students who have NEVER applied to Bakersfield College, Cerro Coso College, or Porterville College.

NOTE: this is a three-step process that includes creating a CCCApply account, completing a BC application, and activating your application. Once complete, you will receive your BC email address and ID number.

Creating a CCCApply Account

Step 1

Start Your Application!

Step 2

On the “Application to Admission to College” page, click on Create an Account.

Step 3

Enter your email, or choose “Use mobile phone instead”.

You will receive a verification code via text or email, depending on which you chose to use. Enter it when you receive it.

Step 4

Create an Open CCC Account.

  • Contact Information
    • Do NOT use your high school email address.
  • Personal Information
  • Credentials (Create Username and Password)
  • Use full legal name (As it appears on your Social Security card or Birth Certificate)
  • For this application you will need your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number.
    • If you do not have a Social Security Card or Taxpayer Identification Number, please call Admissions & Records at (661) 395-4301 for assistance.

Completing Your BC Application

Step 5

Under “My Applications” click on Start a New Application.

Step 6

Complete all Application Components and Submission: Check all 3 boxes, then click on Submit My Application.

Step 7

Confirmation: Verify your information. Then, click Continue.

Activating Your BC Application

Step 8

Application Activation: Under “Step 3: Create Your College Account Now” click on Create Your College Account.

Step 9

Choose 4 Digit Number for your BC email address. This can be any 4 digits you will remember!

Step 10

Create your BC password.

Step 11

Choose your security question.

Step 12

Verify: Read and check all 4 boxes, then click Submit.

Step 13

Congratulations! You are now a Bakersfield College Renegade!

Step 14

Confirm Your Major.

Go to the High School Seniors webpage. Under Step 2: Complete the Confirm Your Major Form, click “Access and submit the Confirm Your Major Form”.

Contact Outreach

Phone: (661) 395-4276 | Email: | Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Location: Welcome Center (W)

Outreach Faculty and Staff