CSEA Executive Board

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The CSEA Chapter Executive Board consists of individual, elected officers and is the body that has the "responsibility and authority to manage chapter operations between general and special membership meetings." (Executive Board, Publication 105, CSEA.) Your CSEA Executive Board is the chapter leadership that manages the affairs of Chapter 336 and its elected officers.

For a more detailed look at each officer's duty and authority, refer to the CSEA Chapter 336 Constitution & Bylaws.

Chapter 336 Executive Board

Officer Office Phone Email
Chris Glaser President (661) 395-3574


Victor Crosthwaite Vice President (661) 395-4627 vcrosthw@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Maria Arias Secretary (661) 395-4496 maria.arias@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Heather Skibinski Treasurer (661) 395-4020 heather.skibinski@bakersfieldcollege.edu
VACANT Public Relations Officer    
Martha Gomez Site Representative Coordinator (661) 395-4221 martha.gonzalez@bakersfieldcollege.edu
William Velasquez Job Steward -- Clerical & Auxiliary 1 (661) 395-4641 william.velasquez@bakersfieldcollege.edu
VACANT Job Steward -- Clerical & Auxiliary 2    
Ricardo Jimenez Job Steward -- M&O, College Safety, Food Services (661) 395-3535 ricardo.jimenez@bakersfieldcollege.edu
VACANT Job Steward -- District Office  



Negotiator -- District Office    
TJ Mason Negotiator -- BC, Unit A (661) 395-4822 timothy.mason@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Zach Wharton Negotiator -- BC, Unit B (661) 395-4695 zachary.wharton@bakersfieldcollege.edu