Vic Posey

Professor, Automotive Technology
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Applied Science & Technology, Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology

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  • A.S. Automotive Technology, Bakersfield College

About Vic

Vic Posey is an ASE Certified Master Engine Machinist, AERA Certified Engine Machinist and ASE Certified Technician. Mr. Posey serves on the Board of Directors for the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA), of which he has been a member for his entire career. Mr. Posey has worked professionally in the Engine Building industry since earning his Associates of Science Degree in Automotive Technology from Bakersfield College in 1994. During his career, Mr. Posey has held every position in the engine building field from tear down to owning his own machine shop. He has had the privilege of working on nearly every type of engine including industrial, marine and performance, having many race victories and championships to his name. Mr. Posey has been teaching at Bakersfield College since January 2009.

Mr. Posey teaches Engine Theory and Design, Upper Engine Systems, Lower Engine System, Engine Assembly and Performance, is the faculty lead for the Automotive Internship Program, the faculty adviser for the Renegade Motorsport Club aa well as the founder and faculty lead for the Renegade Motorsports Team which competes in a variety of motorsports around California.

“My automotive passion began as a boy playing with toy cars in the dirt, taking things apart to see how they work and working with my grandfather on anything that was broken down. My grandfather taught me how to repair almost anything so, once I got my first car, I ran to him every time it broke down. Then one, very important, day he looked at me and said ‘Boy, I’m not going to be around forever. You need to start figuring this stuff out for yourself’. I am blessed to have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to future generations of technicians and engine builders. I believe my investment into my students’ lives will benefit them their entire life as they learn skills that enable them to provide for themselves and/or their family. Mechanical, electrical and fabrication skills are transferable anywhere in the country and they are in high demand across a variety of industries. I sincerely love what I do.”
Vic Posey
Professor, Automotive Technology