Stephanie Winn

Library Technician II


Stephanie Winn has worked in the Grace Van Dyke Bird Library since 2008. She started as a student worker while attending BC to obtain her Associate’s Degree in Psychology. When she graduated from BC, a part-time job became available, so she was able to stay in the Library as a Library Assistant I, while attending California State University, Bakersfield. In 2016, she obtained her
Bachelor’s in Psychology, but enjoyed working at the Library, so she decided to stay here until she found a more permanent job. One year later, she was in luck, when a Full-time Library Technician II position became available! She has now been in that position since 2017 and plans on staying here until she retires. She enjoys helping students and giving opportunities to them as the supervisor of
student workers here at the Circulation desk. It is a passion of hers to help others and giving opportunities to students gives her so much joy! In her free time, you can find her watching Football and Baseball rooting for the Indianapolis Colts and the Los Angeles Dodgers.