Marcia Overturf

Lab Technician; Adjunct Faculty, Culinary Arts


Marcia is a passionate individual who loves cooking, baking, and teaching others the skills to be
successful in the kitchen. She has worked in various foodservice settings, including being a lunch
lady for several years, where she served nutritious and delicious meals made from scratch to
many students and staff. Her dedication to providing healthy and satisfying meals that meet the
needs of all students has always been a top priority.

In addition, Marcia has experience working in a hospital, preparing meals for patients, staff, and
visitors. She took pride in ensuring that every meal was not only delicious but also met the
dietary requirements of each individual. She understood the importance of providing healthy and
satisfying food to patients who were recovering from illnesses. Apart from her experience as a
lunch lady and cook in a hospital, Marcia also had a small cake business for many years, making
decorated fondant cakes. She takes great pride in her ability to create beautiful and delicious
cakes that leave a lasting impression on her clients.

Marcia is a Bakersfield College graduate, having gone through the Culinary Arts program and
graduating with honors. Through this program, she gained valuable knowledge and skills that
have helped her become the skilled professional that she is today. She holds a Bachelor's degree
in Human Development from California State University, East Bay, and is currently pursuing a
Master's degree in Career and Technical Education at California State University, San
Bernardino. With a deep understanding of human development and a passion for education,
Marcia is committed to helping individuals achieve their career goals and unlock their full
potential. She is a highly motivated professional who is dedicated to providing quality service
and making a positive impact in the lives of others.