Event Tickets

Tickets for Bakersfield College events such as athletics, music, fine arts, theater arts and dance, planetarium, Honor Brunch and more are sold through electronic vendors.

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Athletic Events

Theater Events

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See the Event Calendar for upcoming events at Bakersfield College and GoGades for Athletic Events.

Upcoming Performing Arts Events


Events at Bakersfield College are held in several different venues throughout campus.

Venue Events
Memorial Stadium Football, Track
Gil Bishop Athletic Center (gym) Basketball, volleyball, wrestling
Softball Field Softball
Baseball Field Baseball
Golf/Soccer Field Golf, Soccer
Outdoor Theater Kern Shakespeare Theater
Indoor Theater Theater Arts, Dancing, Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band
Cafeteria Athletic Dinners (Track and Football), Honor Brunch
William H Thomas Planetarium Evening Planetarium Shows

Rent Our Facilities

Bakersfield College Campus has a wide variety of facilities, from spacious fields to meeting rooms. You can rent a facility for your next event.

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