For Planetarians

The documents in this area are intended for other planetarium professionals.

Western Alliance Conference 2007 Photo Album
Most pictures are from our tour of the Poker Flat Research Range north of Fairbanks. Pictures from our Aurora watch night are on the Aurorae page of my Beautiful Earth photo album.
Astronomical Highlights of New South Wales IPS post-conference tour
This set of slides are from our seven-day post-conference tour of New South Wales with other members of the International Planetarium Society at the end of July 2006.
Western Alliance Conference 2007 talk
This is the slideshow I used for my talk at the WAC in Fairbanks, September 2007.
Spitz Digital Institute 2007 “How to” paper (PDF)
This tutorial shows how to fly from one planet to another and hover over a planet while it spins “below” you using ATM4 to control Starry Night Dome with the Spitz SciDome system. The user will be able to fly to the planets without the wild swinging around to face the Sun that Starry Night Dome does by default. The user will then be able to hover over the planet starting at exactly the same time and elevation as when/where the user arrived after the interplanetary flight.
IPS Planetarian March 2007 article
Article was re-titled “Bakersfield College: A first-person adventure in planetarium upgrades”. The version on this website includes a link to a star measurements table that was too controversial to print.
Justification for a Science Center in Kern County
This is an excerpt of a larger white paper on the plans for a new science center that would have a planetarium as the centerpiece. This science center idea was shelved and the money was used to upgrade/remodel the current planetarium instead. See the “IPS Planetarian March 2007 article” link above for details on the history of that project.