Meet the Candidates

Candidates for BCSGA President

female wearing red sweater

Cindy Ceja Miranda

Major: Computer Science

I am proud to say that as a STEM student I have found many connections between politics and the science community, which both intertwine in some aspects. There are many things that I believe I can contribute to Student Government as well as tying strings within both of these pathways. Even though the immense demand for academic success is needed for the STEM pathway, I find myself being able to do both politics (which is a hobby) and stem (which is my passion) understanding the demand of both situations. Thank you to all of my peers for supporting my candidacy.

Candidates for BCSGA Vice President

female wearing a horizontal striped sweaterRaya Arafah

Major: Psychology

Raya Arafah is a second-year student majoring in psychology at Bakersfield College. She is an international student who plans to pursue a career in the human services field in the future. Raya has been working as a senator in the BCSGA 99th session and has closely collaborated with the SGA to address students' concerns, allowing her to effectively represent students’ interests and needs. Her goal as Vice President is to enhance our college community and ensure that every student's voice is heard. She firmly believes that every student has the right to voice their concerns and address any issues they may have. As an international student, she brings a global perspective and promotes diversity and inclusivity. She understands the challenges faced by students from many different backgrounds and aims to ensure those voices are heard.

male wearing glassesRandy Arevalo

Major: Geology Sociology Chemistry

As the world keeps evolving, we must too. As a community we must find new solutions and listen to many different minds, so that we may fortify ourselves with the best possible precautions and solutions. There are details of all magnitudes in everything in life, therefore we need a team and leader that won't be blind to problems, little or small, difficult or easy. We need Patience, Compassion and Wisdom to help lead this future, which is constantly transitioning into the present. Safety and Accessibility are a few of my top concerns here at Bakersfield College. Together we have the power to change and do greater, for the future students in our current situations that will one day be in our path, but for that we need a voice that will listen, understand, and take action when concerns are brought to attention.

Candidates for BCSGA Senator

male student with a mustacheHugo Garcia

Hugo Garcia is a first generation Latino Biology student with a drive to serve Kern county. He loves spending time with friends, being involved in the community and thrifting. Hugo wants to be the voice of the many people in the community that may not be able to speak for themselves. Hugo also believes firmly in spreading love and equality. Bakersfield College is strong and connected and Hugo wants to make sure he can help every student feel a part of the brilliant community!

male standing in front of a dry erase boardTrevor Turner

Major: Journalism and Communications

My name is Trevor Turner and I am running for a senator position in the BCSGA. Outgoing, caring, and compassionate I desire to serve underserved and overlooked populations on campus. I intend to work for previously incarcerated individuals, low income and less fortunate individuals, and anyone else who feels they have a voice that is not currently being heard.

Candidates for BCSGA Student Organizations

female student close-upJohana Solis

Major: Environmental Science, Chemistry

My name is Johana (She/Her/Ella). I am a Renegade who is passionate about serving my community and empowering the people around me through education. I believe knowledge is meant to be shared and the wisdom everyone carries is valuable and should be heard. I wish to put the power in the people’s hands. I always strive towards positive change and ensuring people who feel marginalized or oppressed are included, respected, and supported. I want to ensure my peers' needs are being met and they feel like this space is their home and they’re welcome in it. We will always be stronger together walking hand in hand. Together we can!

Mi nombre es Johana(Ella) y soy un estudiante (Renegade) de BC. Me apasiona servir a mi comunidad y el empoderamiento de la gente a mi alrededor por medio de la educación. Yo creo que la sabiduría que todos tenemos es importante y debemos de enaltecer las voces de todos. La sabiduría debe de ser compartida. Yo quiero poner el poder en las manos de la gente. Yo quiero traer cambio positivo y asegurarme que la gente que se siente marginada o oprimida se sienta valorada, incluida, y apoyada.
¡Si se puede!

female wearing a turtle-neck sweaterAbigail Tamayo

Major: Sociology

I am running for Director of Student Organizations! Having served in the current term, I understand that there is a learning curve associated with this role. However, this experience has equipped me with valuable insights that will enable me to hit the ground running and make a significant impact. In my current term, I dedicated time to familiarize myself with the responsibilities inherent in the position. Now, with a solid understanding of the role, I am confident that I can commence with greater efficiency and effectiveness. My goal is to eliminate any delays, ensuring that student organizations receive immediate support and have a seamless start. I am committed to providing them with all the necessary resources and guidance right from the beginning, fostering a conducive environment for their growth and success. I am eager to leverage my experience, knowledge, and passion to contribute to the vibrant and thriving community of student organizations at our BC Campus. Go Renegades!

Candidates for KCCD Trustee

female wearing a red sweaterCindy Ceja Miranda

Major: Computer Science

I am deeply committed to ensuring that every student at Bakersfield College has the support and resources they need to thrive academically, personally, and professionally. This includes advocating for innovative programs, comprehensive student services, and robust academic support systems tailored to the diverse needs of our student body. I really do enjoy helping students of our Bakersfield College succeed as well as bringing positive and innovative change to our sister colleges.