Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department at Bakersfield College offers an intellectually stimulating and diverse academic environment, encompassing a wide array of disciplines including Economics, History, and Political Science. With a commitment to fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, the department provides students with comprehensive degree programs and certificates that delve into the complexities of human societies and their interactions. With dedicated faculty and a commitment to academic excellence, the Social Sciences Department at Bakersfield College prepares graduates to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the broader global landscape.


Phone: (661) 395-4071 | Location: Family and Consumer Education (FACE)

Department Chair: Jason Stratton | (661) 395-4071 | Office: FACE 15A

Pathway: Social and Behavioral Sciences Pathway

Degree and Certificate Programs

Discover the Social Sciences Program for You

Social Sciences offers a variety of Associate Degrees, Certificates and courses to assist you on a career path in the world of business, education, and government. Whether you are looking to advance in your current career, start your career, or begin on a path to a four-year degree, we offer programs to lead you in the right direction for Public Relations, Analysts, Education, and more.