Training on Cognos

  • Cognos training I - access and structure
  • Cognos training 2 - creating reports
  • Cognos training 3 - data analysis

Statistics training/Excel upgrade
CCCCO and IPEDS data training

  • Explain cohort (explain difference in numbers)
  • Data sources and differences (Basic Skills Tracker, Transfer velocity, CCC Scorecard, Wage Tracker)
  • 5 year trends
  • Context metrics
  • Difference between college ready and not college ready
  • Show differences between Basic Skills Disciplines
  • Develop applications or case studies

Program review data training

CCSSE data training

  • Benchmarks
  • CCSSE STudent data correlated with Faculty CCFSE data
  • Data source training (COCI, CCSSE, CCCCO Datamart, IPEDS, CSU analytics, CSUapply) (30 minutes to 2 hours)

Specifically track Pathways Data

  • Begin with entering students and collegiate or pre-collegiate level
  • Track data for specific interventions(counseling, field trips, course sequencing, movement from pre-collegiate to collegiate)