Text Descriptions for Construction Maps

Our Online Campus Map highlights the 'Construction Zones' for the entire Bakersfield College campus.

  • Business Education Building - Walkways and courtyard are under construction. The main entrance to the Business Education Building is open. The eastside entrance to the Welcome Center is closed.
  • Campus Center - the triangle-shaped grass area near the Office of Student Life main entrance is under construction and surrounded by fencing. Surrounding walkways are open.
  • Athletic fields - there is a large section near the athletic fields fenced off for construction purposes. The soccer fields and baseball/softball fields are still open for usage.
  • Due to the construction of the Renegade Athletic Complex, fencing has been put up south of the current gym. All walkways and paths south of the current gym are closed. Pedestrians coming from the parking lots on University Avenue can reach the west side of campus through an accessible pathway starting from the north side of the P8 student parking lot to the walkway south of the pool.
  • The Writing Center has been relocated to Humanities 51 and 52. The new Campus Center is home to the bookstore, Renegade Nexus and the Office of Student Life, where students can pick up their Renegade IDs.