Student Spotlight on Peter Palomo

Peter wearing a plaid button-up shirt

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Bakersfield College is proud to provide educational services and resources to a wide variety of students. From students who have come to our campus straight from high school to those who have returned to school after various life journeys.

Peter Palomo is one of those students whose life experiences led him away from an educational path. However, he had a life-changing experience that gave him a new purpose and desire to continue his education. This led him to take classes at Bakersfield College, which opened doors to other opportunities.

“This is my second year at BC,” Peter says, “I come from a pretty rough background, but I changed my life. From those things I experienced, I wanted to work with youth who are on probation or parole. That’s been my goal.” Peter decided to major in Psychology because he believes this will help him work with troubled youth in the future.

While taking an English course at BC, an instructor recommended that Peter try being a tutor for BC English students. Peter explains, “It was my English teacher during my first semester. One day I stayed late after class with a couple of other students, and she recommended I become an English tutor. I had another job offer at the time, but I decided it would be a good fit for me right now.” As far as his experience as a tutor, Pete says, “The whole tutoring team is awesome, they are very nice, and they are very good at what they do.”

When asked if he would recommend BC to others who would like to continue their education, he replies, “I would tell them to attend. I think it would be a good choice, because they offer many different opportunities, and they have great connections like Cal State Bakersfield. (If you do attend), I believe that it can make a big difference.”