Staff Spotlight on Leah Prendez

Leah wearing a We Are BC  t-shirt

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Leah Prendez is a full time Events Specialist at Bakersfield College, where she manages all on campus events for both staff and students. 

She was born and raised in Shafter, California but left her hometown to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo following her high school graduation.

As Leah went on to pursue her continued education, she pursued further education and became a volunteer mentor for two teen fosters. Her adeptness in handling challenges with foster children led to a position offer from Family Care Network. After she graduated with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts, she continued to reside in Cal Poly for ten plus years while working for The Family Care Network. However, she longed for the closeness of her family and decided to move back to Kern County. 

In her previous position with Family Care Network, she had done a little bit of event planning and felt that it was something she really enjoyed. She saw that Bakersfield College had an open position and decided to apply. 

Leah has now been working for Bakersfield College for five years and enjoys this position because it serves a higher need, and she is glad to be a part of that. Her position allows her to meet other employees, converse often, and be constantly on the go. 

Her favorite thing about working at BC is the fast paced environment and what her position entails. She thrives most when she is constantly on her feet making sure things are running smoothly for each event on campus. 

Though she never attended BC, she has many family members who are alumni and was familiar with the campus prior to her employment. 

When Leah isn’t busy running around our campus, she enjoys being outdoors at places like the beach and the mountains. She also reads, listens to podcasts, views art, listens to music and hangs out with her friends and family.