Bakersfield College Guides International Students Through the Barriers Of Transferring To Our Institution

group of international students smiling outside

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Bakersfield College proudly enrolls eligible international students from all over the world each semester to pursue their education here in the United States. It is BC’s goal to understand the barriers these students face in their personal and academic lives and offer support to each student throughout their journey. 

For an international student to apply to Bakersfield College, it is imperative that they complete the following steps in this order:

  • Make contact with the International Student Services department at Bakersfield College
  • Send in all required documentation necessary to process the application
  • Apply for an F1-Visa after application acceptance
  • Submit online Bakersfield College application with the assistance of the ISS department

Following admission into our institution, international students still have a few hurdles to overcome, so it is crucial that they stay in contact with their support team. International students must maintain at least 12 units per semester to be qualified for the F1-Visa, and they are required to obtain government approval before pursuing community employment and other benefits. 

Bakersfield College is devoted to providing the necessary support and guidance to the brave international students who have chosen to pursue their education here with us. Resources here on campus are available to them, including the food pantry, GET bus passes, and the Student Health and Wellness Center. International students are also encouraged to get involved in various student clubs and organizations to begin building a community.

The International Student Services office is located on the second floor of the student services building, and they can be reached by email at or by phone at (661) 395-4412.