Student Spotlight: Ananda Pidatala

female standing and smiling in an office enviornment

Thursday, June 6, 2024

By Deanna Rea

Ananda Pidatala, an international student studying chemistry at Bakersfield College, has had a unique academic journey. She is originally from Dubai, where she earned her master’s in chemistry, botany, and zoology. Since then, she has decided to continue her education at BC, fulfilling a lifelong dream of studying in the United States.

Her journey at BC began in the fall of 2023; however, due to some delays, she could not attend any courses until late January. Her passion for science and research led her to the Research Laboratory Technology program at BC. She explains, “When I was an undergrad, I discovered that I am into experimenting; I love reactions, mixing chemicals in the lab, and working with lab equipment. If I want to pursue my career in lab research with a PhD, this will be my first step.”

Despite the challenges of her enrollment, the International Student Services (ISS) program has been a valuable resource for Ananda, providing guidance, and going above and beyond to help her meet her educational goals. Ananda shares that the program manager of ISS, Debi Anderson, has been a pillar of support, ensuring that she continues to feel encouraged, motivated, and supported throughout her academic journey— “which is not what we expect, but it helps a lot to settle down in a foreign country,” Ananda says.

Ananda’s favorite parts of attending BC are the productive educational environment and the school curriculum. She says, “For the amount of time I’ve spent here, I think the classroom teaching is the best – I don’t need to rely on anything else. That’s the best part of this college.” When asked if she would recommend Bakersfield College to anyone she knew, Ananda responded without hesitation, “I would recommend it more than 100%. I have already recommended it to everybody in Dubai, ‘Don’t go anywhere else, please.”

After graduating from BC, Ananda plans to continue her education and earn a PhD in chemistry. She hopes to gain more experience and practical knowledge outside of her studies by taking on an internship or summer job in the laboratory research industry.