Student Spotlight: Claudia Caceres

young woman standing in an office lobby

Friday, May 17, 2024

By Deanna Rea

Claudia Caceres is an international student, enjoying her first semester at Bakersfield College. She is originally from a small town in Honduras and graduated from high school in the Dominican Republic as valedictorian. While describing her journey, Claudia shares, “I feel that for my age I have experienced a lot of things - like I have lived a lot of different lives you could say. And I have always dreamt of studying for my degree in the United States,” she says. “And with a lot of hard work, I was able to come here.”

After visiting Bakersfield for the first time in 2018, the lifestyle, attractions, and overall vibe of the city convinced Claudia that she should continue her education here. Thanks to the support of her family, she is now majoring in biology and continues to excel in her academics. She says that her favorite part about attending school here is the variety of on-campus events and programs that encourage a productive and welcoming environment. She also mentions her great admiration for her instructors who have continued to be a source of motivation throughout her rigorous courses.

When asked if she would recommend Bakersfield College to prospective students, Claudia responded, “I would, especially [as] an international student. What we look for is a supportive environment,” she says, “so I think I would…because it's really friendly, it’s very lovely, and it’s quite different from what we are used to. It’s a great opportunity.”

After graduating from Bakersfield College, Claudia hopes to continue her studies by transferring to a university and achieving her PhD. She also hopes to specialize in molecular genetics or immunology, striving for a satisfying career in one of those fields.

Claudia final words were for other international students: “Don’t give up. I know it's really difficult, especially for those who do not have any family members, but all the hard work done, all the sacrifice from yourself and your family, it will be worth it in the future. So never stop your dreams, go for what you want to do.”