Student Spotlight: Danielle Carrillo

female wearing a dark colored hoodie

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

By Deanna Rea

The staff and administration at Bakersfield College work hard to establish an encouraging and uplifting environment by offering opportunities and resources specifically designed for its diverse community of students. With a campus that aims to be welcoming to everyone, the goal is success for each student.

Danielle Carrillo is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Bakersfield College, completing many of her courses at the Southwest campus on Camino Media. She began her journey in the Fall of 2022, “I had been out of school for over ten years, and one day I ended up rescuing a cat. I thought, I can do this,” Danielle says, “So I’ll give it a shot.” Danielle made the inspiring decision to return to school upon discovering the five-year Veterinary Technician certification program to pursue a passion of hers. “I went to school here back in 2010 and my dad works on campus, so I found out about the program they had here.”

While attending BC, Danielle began working at the Renegade Pantry located on BC’s main campus. Although they are subject to change, her duties include assisting with donations, restocking the shelves, and checking students in and out. When asked what her favorite part about Bakersfield College was, Danielle kindly replied, “I like that this campus is very much about providing students with resources—like the Pantry, [for example], it shows how much BC does for its students.” The Pantry is operated by the Office of Student Life and contributes to student outreach and inclusivity on campus.

That is precisely why Danielle was quick to reply, “Absolutely,” when asked if she would recommend Bakersfield College to anyone she knew. She continues by saying, “This campus has so many resources to aid students. BC is constantly evolving to add more resources and is very much involved in the community. They have expanded the programs and degrees offered and even opened up additional certification programs.”

After BC, Danielle hopes to achieve a career as a Veterinary Technician or working for an animal rescue, dedicating her time to maintaining the well-being of animals in need.