Student Spotlight: Ellie Camarena

Ellie wearing a jean jacket and necklace

Monday, April 1, 2024

By Deanna Rea

Bakersfield College strives to promote a positive educational environment for each student while combating any of the stigmas surrounding attending community college through its noteworthy contributions to the city and county. Many college students begin to feel unsure of themselves and their futures, but with the support that BC provides, students have the opportunity to find their path. Ellie Camarena is a student who chose Bakersfield College for its supportive and uplifting environment, leading to her enrollment in the Fall of 2022.

Ellie is currently majoring in Business Administration, after first trying her hand at Biology. She discovered this new passion by taking courses like Econ and Marketing, ultimately overcoming her strong dislike for math. “Well, I was a biology major and that was just like a lot for me, and I didn’t even like bio. However, I really liked Econ and Marketing, so that was more of an obvious choice for me - and you don’t have to do a bunch of math or science,” she says.

While attending BC, Ellie began working in the Office of Student Life, helping with a variety of tasks throughout the office as her assignments often fluctuate. She spends most of her time assisting in the main office but occasionally helps with other departments like the Renegade Pantry.

When asked what her favorite part of Bakersfield College is, she responds, “I love the interactions because people in my classes are so different. Everyone is at different stages of their lives. Like, some are a lot older than me, some are younger than me, so it's just very cool, and I like talking to people.”

When asked if she would recommend BC to anyone, Ellie replied, “Yes! I’m actually trying to convince my sister to come here right now.” Her two biggest reasons included building financial stability and extra time to build maturity.

After Bakersfield College, Ellie plans to continue her education journey by transferring to a university next semester. She hopes to complete school and strives to achieve a CPA certificate.