Staff Spotlight: Nicole Alvarez

Nicole wearing a BC Renegades shirt

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Nicole Alvarez is one of the valued members of the Bakersfield College staff. She is a Program Manager in the Office of Student Life, and she has been at BC since 2020. Nicole has worked in education for many years in various roles including faculty, academic dean, campus director, and others.  

Her career journey ultimately led her to Bakersfield College. “I always knew I wanted to work at BC and be part of a public institution. I felt that I could bring a lot to the table,” she says. “In my previous experience in higher education, it was very student-centered for the staff. I did a lot of academic advising, a lot of life advising, and a lot of student services. So, I really felt that if I could get into a public institution, I could bring that level of service to that student population.” 

Nicole’s current position at BC includes a variety of services, and it varies from day to day. “It’s kind of like a catch-all really, and no day is the same, but I love that about it!” She continues, “My primary duties are to oversee our student organizations and clubs, I run our social media accounts for student life, I co-advise for student government, and I assist the Dean with special projects.”  

While discussing student organizations, Nicole emphasized the significant role they play on the BC campus. “At BC, we have nearly 40,000 students, it can be a challenge at times for them to find their place in this big melting pot of staff, community, and other students,” she says. “Student organizations provide an opportunity to find that place. Any extra-curricular activity that students can get involved in helps them get ‘stitched in’ to the community.” She mentions there are over 50 active student organizations, so there are many opportunities for students to get involved. Nicole strives to build relationships with the members of these organizations, to help keep the students involved and ultimately reach their educational goals. 

When asked what her favorite part of being on the student life team is, Nicole responds, “The connection I get to make with the students. I love working directly with the students, I love serving as a mentor for them, and just helping them make it through the struggles of life.”