BC Hosts Measure J Community Brief and Update

BC campus overhead shot: tennis courts, swimming pool, etc.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

In 2016, the Measure J bond was introduced to the Bakersfield and Kern County communities with the goal of improvements to Bakersfield College and its rural campuses. The measure passed and BC was awarded $502 million for facility updates, new educational spaces, technology upgrades, and more.

 On June 5, 2024, BC hosted a Measure J Community Brief and Update in the Renegade Events Center to offer students, faculty, staff, and community members a detailed update on the various projects funded by Measure J.

BC President Dr. Jerry E. Fliger welcomed attendees and expressed gratitude to the community for their support and optimism for the future of Bakersfield College. BC Student and BCSGA President, Cindy Ceja-Miranda, also welcomed attendees and shared her firsthand experience of the new facilities that were a direct result of Measure J bonds. She expressed her gratitude for the new Science & Engineering building which she said has been a valuable educational resource for her as a STEM major.

The event concluded with Kern Community College District CFO Mike Giacomini presenting a general overview of the projects that have been completed since 2016. He also presented a description and timeline of the exciting projects that will be completed in the future. Some of the highlights included the Vernon Venezuela Veterans Resource Center, BC Welcome Center, BC Campus Center Building, and the state-of-the-art Science and Engineering Building.

welcome center main entrance
campus center building and lawn area
science and engineering building first floor entrance
veterans resource center