BC Hosts 'Pan To Plate', an Interactive Culinary Experience

chef Fidel Cabuena welcoming attendees to event

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Food Services and the Office of Student Life at Bakersfield College recently hosted Pan to Plate, an interactive culinary experience. Students, staff, and community members were all invited to preview a unique food demonstration and sample some of the featured culinary creations.

The event began with an introduction and demonstration from Fidel Cabuena, Director of Food Services at BC, as he put together a traditional Thai Papaya Salad. He talked about the ingredients of the dish, how to prepare them, and how this dish had been enjoyed by his family throughout the years. In total, there were five culinary demonstrations, all presented by BC Food Services staff and students.

In honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, the dishes featured throughout the event were inspired by AANHPI culture and history. The other dishes that were prepared were Hawaiian Span Musubi, Japanese Sushi, Filipino Pork Ribs, and Vietnamese Veggie Spring Rolls. Each presenter did a short demonstration of the dish, and then audience volunteers were invited to come up front to prepare the dish themselves.

The event concluded with an invitation to attendees to taste a sample of all the dishes that were featured in the demonstrations. There were several serving tables throughout the room where attendees could view the culinary creations, as well as enjoy a delicious sample of each.

presenter talking to audience
sushi prepared for guests to enjoy
attendees creating the dish recently demonstrated
Hawaiin Spam Musubi on display during the event
presenter talking to attendees
presenter in chef's coat demonstrating food preparation

all chefs and presenters standing together at the end of the event