BC Students Selected For California Humanities Emerging Journalist Fellowship

bc marquee with renegade mosaic art

Friday, April 26, 2024

Bakersfield College is proud to announce that two of its journalism students, Madeline Ruebush and Julian Caro, have been selected as 2024 California Humanities Emerging Journalist Fellows.

Ruebush and Caro, both active members of the Renegade Rip, BC’s student newspaper staff, are among 22 fellows chosen from six California community colleges. This competitive program provides financial support, professional training, and mentorship to student journalists as they pursue in-depth reporting projects on critical issues facing their campuses and communities.

“I am incredibly excited for Madeline and Julian to have this amazing opportunity,” said Erin Auerbach, Journalism Professor and Adviser for the student newspaper at Bakersfield College. “The California Humanities Emerging Journalist Fellowship will allow them to hone their reporting skills, gain valuable experience, and make a real difference through their journalism.”

The fellowship program includes workshops on topics such as podcasting, data research, and community-engaged reporting. Fellows will also receive mentorship from experienced journalists throughout the program.