BC Performing Arts Presents Metamorphosis

female actor staring into an onstage pool

Thursday, April 25, 2024

By Deanna Rea

Image Credit: Annie Payne, Photographer; Leslie Art, Actor

The Performing Arts Department is pleased to announce their latest performance for the Spring semester entitled Metamorphoses. Based on the original writings from legendary director Mary Zimmerman, adapted from the classic Myths of Ovid, the play combines both the modern and mythical for a must-see spectacle of love, loss, and transformation.

The classic stories of Aphrodite, Midas, Orpheus, and more will be brought to life again through imaginative storytelling, gorgeous imagery, and modernity for the re-envisioning of Greek Myths; reaching back in time to remind us of the joys, follies, and heartbreaks of being human.

Metamorphoses will be directed by Cody Ganger, who kindly shared her inspiration behind the performance: “I was initially drawn to this production by the challenge of its set--it requires a literal pool onstage!” She says, “I also love the writing and source material of Greek mythology; it's a beautiful script, and I could see the potential for how beautiful and exciting this show could be.”

Although compelled by its challenges, Cody explains, “But there's also so much more I'm excited about--there's beautiful movement and music and the stories are gripping, and some of them are very funny. I'm so excited for an audience to experience the play and see our actors in their element.”

“This performance is a representation of resilience, commitment, and problem-solving, as well as true artistry.” Cody says, “…It's the culmination of something a lot of people have looked forward to for a long time. I am also so grateful to my team and my actors who had to trust me with the vision for this show. They have all committed 100% to the long rehearsals and the sometimes-uncomfortable conditions to create this beautiful work of art together!”

There will be five showings performed in Bakersfield College’s Edward Simonsen Outdoor Theatre: Wednesday 4/24, Thursday 4/24, Friday 4/26, Saturday 4/27, and Sunday 4/28 at 7:30 PM. Tickets are now available online: $12 for general admission; $8 for students, staff, seniors, and veterans. Visit BC’s Online Events Calendar for additional information!