BC Hosts Campus Stories: Voices of Female Scholars Within the Academic Community

female voices event with MC and table of panelists

Thursday, March 14, 2024

By Deanna Rea

This week, Bakersfield College hosted Campus Stories: Voices of Female Scholars Within the Academic Community, as part of a series of events celebrating Women’s History Month. The event took place in BC’s Fireside Room and was made possible through the partnership of the WHAM committee and BCSGA to celebrate the women on campus.

The event featured a panel of accomplished women who have excelled in various education, volunteer, and business endeavors. The moderator kicked off the event by introducing each panelist, providing a brief biography, and highlighting some of their most inspiring achievements.

The first portion of the event involved a discussion with the panelists, which started with the simple question “What led you to Bakersfield College?” Each panelist thoughtfully answered each question with words of wisdom and advice based on their experiences. The panelists then shared the various challenges they had to overcome within their profession and education, such as encountering barriers in predominantly male environments, persevering through intimidation attempts, and overcoming their own fears and anxieties. The panelists also believed that students today continue to face many of the issues that were discussed throughout the day.

Each panelist shared what they believed to be vital in setting the foundation for personal success like building relationships and a community—among yourself and others for positive self-perception. This will encourage success, establish relationships and bonds, and provide guidance when experiencing various challenges and hardships.

The event concluded with a reception that facilitated further conversations and networking. For more information on future events, please visit the BC Online Events Calendar.

table of panelists during event
table of panesists talking during event