BC Celebrates Black History Month with a Series of Inspiring Events and Performances

on stage performance during Black History Month conference

Thursday, February 29, 2024

In honor of Black History Month, Bakersfield College hosted several events that celebrated the achievements and contributions of African Americans; and presented several workshops and discussion groups that focused on education, equality, and justice.

The month-long celebration was kicked off with Umoja’s 6th Annual Black History Month conference which featured guest speaker Brian E. Sibley and an inspirational live drumming performance. The conference set a celebratory tone for the events that followed, drawing in a large number of students, faculty, and community members eager to engage and learn.

guest speaker during blackhistory month conference
drum performer during conference

During the second week of celebration, A2MEND hosted an event that featured a screening of the blockbuster movie Black Panther, which was followed by a discussion on the cultural impact that the film had on black culture, as well as the impact of black representation in cinema.

Throughout the month, there were many workshops and seminars designed to educate attendees on the rich cultural heritage of African Americans and address current social issues. The events focused on a wide range of topics including excellence through cultural affirmation, perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion, building stronger alliances for black communities, and many more.

panel discussion during black history month event
guest speaker at event for Black History Month

During the final week of Black History Month, Umoja hosted the Zuzu African Acrobats in BC's Renegade Events Center. The lively performance featured talented acrobats displaying incredible acts of balance, strength, and agility. Truly an incredible experience for those in attendance.

The aim of these events is not just to commemorate the historical achievements of African Americans, but also to drive meaningful advancement and foster a more inclusive future through education and student experiences.

Bakersfield College would like to thank the departments, administrators, employees and students for all of their hard work and dedication to make these events possible. We are BC!

acrobats balancing on each other during Black History Month event
acrobat performers posing with attendees
DEI luncheon attendees
Dr. Paula Parks speaking to event attendees
geust speaker posing with event attendees
A2MEND events attendees in Renegade events center